I’m enjoying our week in pictures. It’s amazing and a little shocking what all happens in just a week! This week started out in Kansas City where we were visiting my mom’s family. Growing up, Kansas City was a special place to visit…the big city, snow, and lots of love!

Water boys…Townes and 3 of the 4 boy cousins.

Lots of wrestling, water pelting, jumping off high dives (yes, they are still around), kick ball, creek jumping, and a little side game of baseball. In case you are wondering, he hit a home run…unfortunately, right into an ongoing game. Oops!

Legoland Man! www.legolanddiscoverycenter.com/kansascity/

Nature is the king of design! Notice the color, textures, and patterns on these sea creatures at Sea Life Aquarium. www.visitsealife.com/Kansas-city/

Once back home, I enjoyed a little nature in my own backyard. My favorite color of hydrangeas! Who would guess?

These late bloomers are outside our new kitchen window. I think their eyes are now open. I hope they are managing in the heat!


Before it became so sweltering hot, we had unusually cool mornings and evenings. Snuggles and I enjoyed a little time together.

Exciting installations and new projects abound around the office. Mike, my favorite electrician, installed some great pieces this week.

Chris, our trim carpenter, is working on a cleat for a suspended quartz desktop.

Crazy carpet installation! I’ll reveal the entire space in a later blog…it’s very fun!

New clients and new spaces! My mind is spinning with ideas. Some projects are new construction, and others are remodels with great need for functional space.

I finished up the week with a most inspiring and thought-provoking Act Like a Grrrl performance last night. Amazing young women, ages 13-18. Erika’s daughter, Dylan, has participated in the program for six years and is now one of the co-leaders. Incredible production! They’re performing again tonight…I definitely recommend attending. A wonderful way to complete the week or begin your weekend! Enjoy! www.actlikeagrrrl.org/