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We get asked this question everyday, “But what is it that you do?”  Interior Design is an often misinterpreted occupation.  Interior Design is the artistic science of creating functional, safe, aesthetically pleasing environments based on a client’s needs.  Designers have to apply technical and resourceful solutions that adhere to code, as well as solutions that coordinate and respond to the building’s structure.  What does that mean?  We can move walls!

This is a client’s existing home layout:



And this will be their new home layout!




BHD does a ton of kitchen renovations!



When we plan a new kitchen layout, we coordinate each and every cabinet with the client and know their needs for each area of their kitchen.



We then implement our knowledge of materials and products that will be used to create and furnish the space.  We take into account color, texture, lighting,  and combine them to finish off the space!


Designers also help clients find creative solutions to common problems.  Such as a need for more storage in a bathroom!


The result can be beautiful!



When coordinating a bathroom renovation we work with plumbing and tile, not only to meet the client’s style, but in order for the fixtures and accessories to function perfectly for their body type and daily routines.  We plan this very carefully.



We also have the gift of communication.  We not only have to communicate clearly and effectively to our clients, but with contractors and service providers as well.  The outcome of great communication can be gorgeous!




And…we also decorate!  Taking into account a client’s need for certain furnishings and functions, as well as style, we select everything from furniture to art work.  Pulling it all together is what we do best!



Hope we’ve helped shed some light into our world.  Now let us shine some light in yours!




Get Excited!


Onto the After…

Remember wayyyy back when we gave you a sneak peek of a fun client project we were working on? Well, it is finally time for the reveal! Now that everything is fancied up and photographed, it looks better than ever!

Here is the before:

And the after! Talk about a transformation! This particular client is always up for trying something bold and unexpected.  As you can see, she isn't afraid of mixing patterns, and loves color!

We opted to break up the angular space with curves, by selecting a curved sofa, ottoman, chairs, end tables, and accessories. To create an exciting space out of what could have been a very traditional, sleepy layout.

In the entry, we used a metallic wallpaper to increase depth and modernize the original stone flooring. To continue the theme of the curve in the bubble light fixture and sculptural artwork. We love the Lucite stand which tricks the eye into thinking the sculpture is floating! All pieces in this space were selected to keep an open feel in an otherwise small space.

From the other angle, you can see into her dining room.  This is somehow the only before shot we captured of this square room, but you can see that we had a great place to start. Grasscloth is back, baby! So while we aren't 100% sure when this was originally installed, it was in great condition and so easy to work with. The chandelier  was a great vintage element to balance all the new contemporary pieces we were adding in our design.

And after! Love the balance of old and new in this space. The grasscloth looks amazing! Again, to soften the lines we repeated the curved element in the dining table, curved chair backs and legs, art and accessories.

Here you can see how the two rooms connect.

And I will leave you with one last shot. Note all the details– from the teal console legs, pops of color, repetition of the circle, and fun, unexpected art. Such a great space!

What is your favorite element in the room?

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