Destination: Brazil!

Brazil is known for it’s beautiful mountains, beaches, and lush greenery.

The mild weather makes outdoor living and no central air conditioning the norm throughout the country. Ahhh…. I could so chill here forever…


But the country is not filled with dreamy white beach houses alone…a modern and somewhat urban aesthetic is very prevalent in current day Brazil.

The infamous Copacabana rocks a large scale black and white mosaic that makes a bold design statement along the coast of Rio.

A high contrast black and white graphic design element has become extremely popular in recent years. Do we have Copacabana to thank for this?!


Although mod pervades as the strongest theme in Brazilian interiors, the history of elegant and ornate tradition is often incorporated in more luxurious and higher end settings.

Besides soccer, preparing for and celebrating Carnival is probably Brazil’s favorite pastime. Extravagance and bold use of color are traditionally seen in all the floats and costumes.

As in many tropical climates, bright colors are seen in many different ways throughout Brazilian homes. These two particular spaces look like they were straight out of a Carnival parade! 🙂


And to finish up our  Inspired by Brazil post, I thought I’d share a few pics from my in-laws house in Itu, Brazil!

Pictured:  my sweet mother-in-law caring for her yard during our visit in 2010, the view from their front porch (moooooo), and a beautiful picture of the front of the house that she took this morning…

How will you be inspired by Brazil? Are you more drawn to the vivid Carnival colors or to something inspired by the lush beauty of nature?

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Beach House Inspiration

The ultimate summer destination is the beach! The sand, the sun, the water, great food, and relaxation….ahhhhhhh….it is what we all dream about. Check out these modern beach houses that are fabulous examples of beach living….


Check out the use of reclaimed wood in this beach house!


I could spend many an afternoon next to that pool!

House of Turquoise

What an amazing view! I love the floor to ceiling windows and  the use of all the wood!


I can almost feel the ocean breeze blowing through these spaces!

Interested in more of a vintage inspired look?


Retractable walls are the perfect addition to any beach house!


Not on the beach but would like to add a few items to remind you of that feeling? Here are a few accent pieces you can check out…..

Corail Console Table

Arteriors Diallo Chandelier #2

obx trading group

If you don't make it to the beach this year try bringing a little beach to your home!

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Emerging From Hibernation

In honor of Spring, I wanted to post about beds as we begin to emerge from the hibernation of Winter! Our beds/bedrooms are where we recharge, rest and prepare for our daily lives. We should pay special attention to these sanctuaries of ours as they play such a vital role in our metal and physical health. Having a designated area that you feel completely at ease is a wonderful thing to have at the end of a full, mentally taxing day.  Here are a few ideas to make your sanctuary feel especially cozy and peaceful:

Color in a bedroom should be a personal experience. This is YOUR space…don’t be afraid to paint the walls your very favorite color! If you think the color will be too overwhelming even as an accent wall, consider using it in another bold way such as a headboard or a pair of lamps. Your bedroom should be a getaway that makes you smile every time you walk in.

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The use of fabric as walls to close off an intimate  little nook for the bed is a great way to define the space while also adding softness and texture to your room. The benefits of a draped cocoon around your slumbering chamber also include sound proofing and temperature control.


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Take the time to find art that speaks to you or have personal photos nearby that remind you of what you love! Having something personal that you feel connected with every time you open your eyes in the morning will be a wonderful way to start your day!


Beth Haley Design

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Timothy Whealon

What will you do to make your bedroom a special haven?

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