It’s been a very busy week. I did a little camping, some hiking, visited my parents in the country and rounded the week out with a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement. A little FYI for anyone going to Universal, the water rides are no joke.  Take extra socks!

When you grow up in the country, you don’t think twice about seeing a sign like this!

My mother can grow anything.  Put that woman on the Moon and she will have an English garden within a week.

The hike to this creek was tough, but the payoff was well worth it.  Do yourself a solid and take a Saturday and travel up to the Cumberland Plateau to hike one of the trails.  You will not be disappointed.

My sister built this fire from bark and sticks she found in the woods behind our campsite.  I was truly impressed.

The Hulk Coaster was awe-inspiring.

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Hogwarts Castle………………

Butterbeer on the left and Pumpkin Juice on the right.  Harry Potter World was awesome.

Universal Studios has some great props.  This car brought out my inner gangster.

My sister, Kate, has been looking for a new hairstyle.  This one got my vote.

The best Cuban food I have ever had.  The plantains alone were worth the drive to Orlando.

I love summer because summertime means car trips and amusement parks.  Give me a roller coaster and some cotton candy and I’m a happy girl.  This was a really good week.

Have a great weekend!!!!