Last month, we featured East Nashville murals on our blog and it got us thinking – what are we doing to help make our community more creative, innovative, and fun? Sometimes, all it takes is taking a step back to see how your actions are painting the bigger picture. Turns out, we are doing a lot! Nashville landscape designer and artist Mike Kahnle is installing a series of sculptures on our front lawn on Linden Avenue in 12 South, we are preparing projects to submit to the American Society of Interior Designer’s state competition, and we are working with clients on several big renovations. Whew! We love being a part of the creative scene in Nashville and want to thank everyone, clients, vendors, and friends that keep us inspired! 

Featured BHD Space: Perfect Pairings

Every time we take on a project, we ask what will make this space great? Often, when working on whole house renovations, we try to create a unified look through the entire home and give each room its own special treatment while keeping it part of the whole. Usually, it is a combination of many elements, layered to perfection, styled to a tee, that give us the final result we want. Join us as we visit two projects that show perfect pairings!

This kitchen is from the same historic home in 12S. We worked to maximize the cooking, storage, and serving space while maintaining the placement of the existing windows. By bringing the cabinets to the ceiling and by creating the massive central island, we managed to fit a lot of function (and style) into moderate amount of square footage. 

This small office nook is smooth and sleek. We love how the walnut shelves streamline storage in the space and create an interesting focal point. It is a custom solution to the age old problem of office space storage and proves minimal modern versus traditional bulky wins!

Notice a similarity between this picture and the small office nook? Smooth and sleek reign again! Both office spaces are in the same home and we love how the looks compliment one another. This office is full of custom walnut built-ins that provide tons of storage and two nice display shelves. Even with the heavy woodwork, the space still manages to remain light and airy thanks to the minimal bench, bright area rug, and the window drenching the space in natural light. 

Featured Event: Art at the Rymer Gallery

Great to see a show bringing together artists from Nashville and one of our favorite West Coast cities! We love the vibrancy of this show and can’t wait to check it out in person.

When: June 3 – 30th, Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm

Where: The Rymer Gallery, 233 5th Ave, Nashville 

For more info click here.

Hot Topic: New this month!

A lot is going on in the design world this month. The Louvre in Paris is wrapped by street artist and made to disappear, Pirch, a 32,000 sq. ft. kitchen and bath showroom opened in NYC and is a serious game changer in terms of what we might be able to come to expect from showrooms, and lastly, the Venice Biennial is underway, featuring some of the best installations we’ve ever seen! Here in Nashville, we are excited by the new collections Renaissance Tile showed us last month when they had us to visit! Keep your eyes peeled everyone, inspiration is everywhere!