Beth’s House – Update

I am so excited to start showing you some progress photos of the house! Just knocking down a few walls has made an amazing transformation. I can’t wait for paint, tile, fixtures, etc! These photos will help you start to see the overall plan for our home. As I mentioned before, it was a ranch with an additional ranch added on, which makes a great courtyard! Rooms led to hallways, to rooms, and more hallways. For the most part, it was dark and enclosed.

We’ll start with the front portion of the house –  formerly the living room, formal dining room, kitchen, sitting room, den, and powder bath. Below is the demo plan to give you an idea of the layout. As you can see, the tiny kitchen was shoved into a back corner, hidden from the main living spaces. At one time, the front room was divided into two rooms, including the formal eating area. The den as you see it now was once a garage!

My goal was to open this space up as much as possible for cohesive family spaces. I started with the giant dividing wall. We consulted a structural engineer to make sure we prevented a ceiling collapse! It was amazing the space planning opportunities allowed by removing this one wall. The kitchen immediately opened up into the existing dining area and flowed easily into the new dining and living areas. The original den (formerly garage) was still set back enough to function easily as a home office for me and a “retreat room” for my husband.

Ready to see live action? The photos help share the progress. The entry, featuring a lovely paneled mirror wall, was narrow and cut off from the kitchen. It did not flow into the other rooms very well, which is typical of a ranch home.

Here you can see the removed wall. Can you believe the difference?

The former kitchen, once hidden in its secluded corner.

Not anymore! The kitchen will finally have its time to shine. And speaking of shining, look at the light pouring in!


The dining room before…

Now transforming into the extended kitchen. Can you see where they have started to layout the hardwoods?

This is another view into the original living room, toward the front door.

And here is the improved view, from the kitchen looking out. This will be the new living and dining areas. Doesn’t the entire space feel so much more connected?

The original sitting room, which once also housed the washer and dryer, is slowly becoming my home office.

We are keeping some of the paneling is this room that was original to the house. It has been my design challenge to  incorporate it into the design and make it work for a 21st century home.  The right side cabinet (formerly housing the dryer) is being converted into a storage and cubby unit for the family.

Obviously, this bathroom was in need of an update!

It was important for this bath to serve not only as a powder room to guests, but also as a functional bath for visitors, including my parents. I wanted it to age-in-place, allowing for ease in movement when they come to stay. A fun challenge in such a small space. We designed a threshold-less, no curb shower to enlarge the space and make it easier to use.

As you can see, we have already come such a long way! But still, there’s quite a ways to go. Be sure to check back for more updates as we travel through the the other end of the house and work through phase 1.

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Beth’s House – Before

In the midst of working on all my wonderful clients’ homes, I am also in the process of a home renovation of my own! We recently purchased a 1960’s ranch and are in the midst of turning it into the home of our dreams! This home boasted some quite unusual features, such as the fact that it came complete with two kitchens. That detail has been very helpful during the renovation process as we have been able to divide the project into two phases, simply living in one end of the house.

This home was outdated in several ways, but I could see its amazing potential the moment I stepped inside. I am going to take you all through the process with me, showing you the highs and lows of a renovation project! Several of the “before photos” are below, to help you get an idea of exactly what we are working with.

This is the kitchen original to the home, and the location where our new kitchen will remain. We are tearing down walls, ripping up floors, painting, installing tile, and giving this space an amazing transformation! My kitchen cabinets are being installed next week, and I can’t wait to see them!

Before, the sad little range sat on his own in the middle of the wall. Not for long!

Not every wall is paneled! This mirrored beauty greeted you right as you walked in the door. This is the other side of the oven wall seen above, and is being torn down to really open up this living area and make it the heart of our home.

Would you believe these closets stored the existing washer and dryer? Very inefficient, lugging laundry across the room!

The is the original main bathroom. Mint and coral are the new sea foam and salmon.

I am extra excited about this space! This will be my son’s bedroom, with an attached playroom up those stairs. Like a built-in tree house!

Here is the bath connected with this bedroom. HOW they fit the shower in this tiny space is beyond me. It took up more than half the space and greets you at the doorway.

This hallway/room served as a pathway between the original house and a later addition, so there are three doorways in this space. It may not seem big, but this space offered so much functional potential for the renovation.

I have big plans for this hallway!

This is the master bedroom. I don’t think you can get a more “blank slate” than this!

Even though the star tile is fun, we have big plans for master bathroom as well! The toilet actually dates back to 1935, well before the house was even built. Did you know vintage toilets have their manufacturing date stamped into them?

Here is the second kitchen, complete with paneled walls and cabinets! Don’t overlook the fancy horseshoe hardware. Overkill, maybe? While it is so nice having this extra kitchen during our renovation, this space will transform into the master bathroom extension, future laundry/mudroom and powder room. Great space!

A view of the sink and boomerang countertops. Yes, those floors are going as well. We put duct tape and a rug over the tear. Quick fixes to get us through until demo starts for phase 2!

This room will transform in the family room. With great views of the backyard and center patio, we are going to bring the outdoors in!

I am so excited to share this process with you. Be sure to check back for progress updates!

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