Faux Sho-House: Living Room!

With  BHD  in charge of the complete design style of this Faux Sho-house, we selected architecture we find inspiring. Not your every day Nashville home! Like so many of our client’s, we pulled this image from Houzz which came from my ideabook for my own home. I truly love contemporary, earth bound, architecture. For me it is the mix of materials and  the natural, relaxed design elements in the structure and within the landscape.  I love experiencing an architectural structure and a landscape having a clear, harmonious dialogue together.

Come see how we interpret the spaces based on what we are seeing in the market, how we see clients using their spaces and what inspires us at BHD! We hope you find what you typically don’t see and are inspired to take a new approach with your own home design.

Come on in!

Beth's Faux Living Room

My personal style completely influenced our Living Room and includes natural elements juxtaposed with some industrial components to keep spaces from feeling a little too precious and more relaxed. I enjoy mixing materials and textures: various wood species, metals, ceramics, and stones. Art is big in my spaces as well as sculptural forms. I much prefer relaxed artistic spaces.

Living rooms are meant to be used and eye catching. Often the first space seen from the entry, they work hard at being welcoming and comfortable beacons, inviting you into the lives of their inhabitants. But no need to be stale, this one is anything but! Our living room definitely brings the outdoors in, unintentionally. I started the design process by pulling my favorite things. You can tell I'm drawn to natural sculptural elements!

Sideboards, new, fresh, and hardworking can be used as entry pieces, entertainment pieces and even toy storage! This one is a focal point and storage haven.

How about a vintage sofa designed by Milo Baughman with its original fabric, wrapped in cork and trimmed in chrome! Haven't seen that one lately.

I love agate and found a coffee table version – don't have to worry about scratching or adding accessories – it's decorative on its own.

The chairs are a similar design to a couple of chairs I regrettably let slip from my hands at market one year. These are a new design from American Leather. Available in leather and fabric.  I believe Milo Baughmean had a similar design.  Seeing a trend?


Lots of lighting, the more the better, all varieties, task, ambient and general, all on dimmers. The chandelier is new, the lamps and sconces are vintage – materials: metal, teak, brass, and ceramic.

Tables galore, these are bronze and stone. Stacking tables are out of the way until they can be shared with guests.  You can never have too many for entertaining.

Art 1 (beth)

art 2 (beth)

rug (beth)

Painting (Beth)

Art and accessories, bold, sculptural, and graphic. Aged brass and pewter.  Oil Painting by David Kidd, represented in Nashville by Bennett Galleries.  Vintage wool shag rug.  Mixing finishes is huge now, allowing opportunities for experimentation. Never boring or expected.

The secret to great spaces? Mix, mix, mix! Bring together vintage and new in textures, finishes, and fixtures.   Follow us throughout the month as we continue through our little Faux-Sho House!

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New Gulch Bar Gets the BHD Design!

Open for business!

There’s a new hot spot in the Gulch that has a special place in my heart.  Hops + Crafts, proprietors of craft beers from local breweries as well as micro-breweries from around the country, is a great place to sample different brews and the atmosphere isn’t too shabby either, if I do say so myself.  I’m very proud of having worked with the owners on the interior design of their new digs and  I couldn’t be happier with the end result.



The owners were great to work with on this project.  They came to me with a few ideas and were very open to mine.  The end result is a comfortable spot to hang with your friends that also has enough hip factor to fit in with the Gulch landscape.      We mixed a lot of materials in the space; reclaimed barn wood, chrome, glass and even chalkboard paint.  I believe in the power of chalkboard paint!

The chrome and wood barstools make a good contrast against the barn wood bar.  I love these stools because they are the perfect combination of industrial and retro.  They’re pretty comfy too.


Who loves this table? I do!  The legs are polished chrome and the top is reclaimed wood that has some pretty serious graining.  I though it paired well with the antelopes in the fabric.  Frolicking antelopes always make for a good time!

The Gulch skyline…..not a bad view on a Saturday night. 

This project was so much fun to work on and the owners were awesome.  Good luck guys and I look forward to coming over and making use of that patio!

 Hops + Crafts is located at 319 12th Avenue South, Nashville TN 37203

Hours of Operation: Sunday– Saturday= 11:00 am to 11:00 pm





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