Back in the Groove- with Groovy Ceilings

Ceilings are often the last thing thought about when designing a room, but it doesn't have to be that way.  By adding different materials to the ceiling it can change the style, feeling, and overall look. There are so many different ceiling options: wood, metal, paint, and trim to name a few. Below are some examples of how you could treat your ceiling. Don't be scared to look above, make your ceiling groovy!!



 Coffered ceilings: Historically, coffered ceilings have been used in more traditional rooms, but they don't have to be. Below are two examples of coffered ceilings done beautifully. If you have high ceilings, I think they are the perfect treatment to add some dimension, helping a large room feel more intimate & detailed-more complete.





 Wood Ceilings: Applying wood on the ceiling can be absolutely stunning. Wood applications can include beams, sheet panels, wood planks or tongue and groove. The finish chosen for the wood can give the room a rustic feel, a clean look, or very polished. Which wood ceiling do you prefer?











Metal/Tin Ceilings: Metal ceilings often achieve an industrial feel or historical look for a room. They can appear more rustic and old or clean and fresh, but both looks can be impressive. Tin ceilings are nostalgic, creating a feeling of days gone by. Adding character to an otherwise sea of bland.







 Painted Ceilings: Painting a ceiling can be one of the cheaper ways to treat a ceiling and can add so much personality. The possibilities of what can be painted on a ceiling are endless! Brushstrokes, curves, stripes, fabric, bubbles, murals, florals…and so many more!









Applied Detail: Adding detail to the ceiling gives depth and pattern. It can also achieve balance or repetition depending on other materials used in the room. Below are some gorgeous examples of craftsman detail. Now these are groovy!







 Dropped Soffit Ceilings: Dropping a ceiling and adding a light achieves an impressive and sophisticated look. There is something defined yet whimsical about the light that comes through.





Ceilings can add so much to a room. Hopefully, some of these ceilings inspire you. If you can, do away with the plain ceiling and make it GROOVY!!

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Dance- Back in the Groove!

Dance rooms are a place to cut loose, let out energy, gather with your friends, practice, and just dance. I was a dancer for sixteen years of my life and a special spot to dance in my house would have been heaven. I can imagine all the fun. Do you have an extra room in your house that just holds clutter or items that you aren’t using? If so consider making it into a place where you can dance, let loose and get back in the groove.

In my dream dance room, I would want an awesome accent wall, lots of mirrors, seating for friends, and of course a disco ball. Here's my shiny dream dance room!!

Pic 5

This wallcovering is fascinating  and gorgeous. It's elegant for a ballerina but at the same time fun enough to make you want to groove to the music.

Pic 2

Everyone watches themselves dance in the mirror every once in a while and why not do it in style with this antiqued mirror screen.

Pic 3

This chandelier balances finesse and texture in an otherwise shiny room.

Pic 4

When selecting flooring, one has to think about all the activities that happen in a dance room. Vinyl flooring for a dance room is ideal. Yes, vinyl flooring! This vinyl plank is made with a high recyclable content. It also has great slip resistance, you can dance the night away without a worry in the world.

Pic 1

This chair, from Stray Dog Designs, is so much fun! It is the perfect touch of quirkiness.

Pic 6

I think, the stand out piece in a dance room should be the chandelier. If my choice of chandelier didn’t fit your style maybe one of these will.

Put a little dazzle in your dance room- add shine and spunk!

Pic 7

Here are other dance rooms. If you don't find inspiration from my mock dance room maybe these will inspire you!

Pic 8


This long fringe would allow for lots of personality and could also be fun to dance with.

Pic 9


A long rectangle room is the perfect shape dance room! Color blockingwith fabric panels on the walls adds splashes of color and also helps with noise from the loud music!



Using a large pattern flooring material is a fun way to put some charisma into your dance room!



Adding a bar and some mirrors is a fantastic way to achieve a dance spot if there isn't an extra room for dancing!



Doesn't the vibe of this dance studio feel so zen! Connecting the outdoors with the indoors can be so liberating. I can imagine lots of Yoga or Pilates happening here.



I hope these dance rooms inspire you to get back in the groove. Especially the dance groove!

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Back in the School Groove!

Are you sick of your dining room table being cluttered with papers? A designated schoolwork space benefits the parents as well as the children. It can turn a place of homework struggles into a happy homework haven. If possible, create your space in a place where your kids already gravitate to. Go with the flow and think long term. You'll want a space you can update as your children grow older and study needs change. A monotone environment is less likely to encourage creativity and stimulate the thinking process. Be creative & use color!

Depending on the age of your child, having a place for parents to sit can also be important.

Keep the clutter to a minimum! There may need to be plenty of supplies for your student to access. Help them learn to stay organized. There should be a place for everything and after the homework session everything should go back in its place.

Having furniture to fit your child’s size is important. This adjustable height desk and chair are just the ticket for growing kids!

What a great set up for multiple children!

Obviously, not all students are young children. So what about teens and college students? Here are some wonderful ideas for these folks.

What teen wouldn’t dig this set up? Notice the flexible lighting, great storage, and ample work space!


Proper lighting is essential to any work space. Keep lighting options flexible and be sure to provide task lighting. Any of these lights would do the trick!


Comfortable and adjustable seating is also important. I LOVE the Herman Miller office chairs!

If a built-in desk is not an option for you check out these movable pieces!


Having a specific place where you feel comfortable, can focus, and get to work is important for any student. Where do you or your children do homework?

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