Sectionals and Deep Sofas!

During the holidays, I spend a lot of time with family and we love hanging out in the family room and getting cozy on the couches. Sectionals are great to accommodate multiple people on one piece of furniture. There are several formations and styles sectionals come in to best fit your family room. Below are several examples of good looking, comfy sectionals. All available through BHD.





Deep sofas are a new trend, that play off of a daybed. They are deep enough for two, but perfect for one person to get extremely comfortable. Below are several styles with large seat depths perfect for a winters nap during the holidays. All available through BHD.






Where is your comfy nap place for the holidays?

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Christmas Gift Guide – BHD Showroom!

It’s that time of the year!  Shopping is in full swing!  Our showroom here at BHD is full of great gifts for your loved ones!  I’ve made a list to share of my most favorites!



  1. I love this Large Driftwood Sculpture, wild and calming all at the same time!
  2. This local made Natural Edge Wood Cocktail Table is absolutely gorgeous!  Would bring warmth to any seating group!
  3. I can see these Small Free Form Resin Bowls used to serve nuts and candies and they happen to be the perfect size to sit around the house!!
  4. Small ceramic Daisy Vase is so fun and fresh!
  5. Jimmy Abegg “Spirit Levels”, tons of colors to choose from!!
  6. This little guy makes me smile every time I see him.  Would be perfect by the door to hold umbrellas and walking sticks!
  7. Simple but stately Block Marble Candle Holders.  Would look lovely with tall tapers!!
  8. I absolutely love the depth of color on this Heidi Raisin Luster Lamp!
  9. Intricately made Ceramic Sea Flower!  So pretty!  Also available in other colors and sizes!
  10. Wall Play is so much fun!  Little cups that you place in any configuration on any area of your wall!  Whatever works is their best feature!!

Stop and see what else we have in store!  Happy shopping!!

BHD: 1207 Linden Ave, Nashville, 37212.  Monday through Thursday 9a to 5p, Friday 9a to 4p.   P: 615.228.3664 email:

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