Hardware for the Kitchen!!

Hardware for the kitchen is similar to wearing jewelry; it makes the kitchen sparkle.

We love to consider the various finishes, shapes and lengths of hardware, selecting different components and combinations.  Below are some of our favorites!

Here is the traditional knob and pull combination, ranging from traditional to modern.

Knobs & Pulls


Knobs & Pulls 3

Knobs & Pulls 2

Knobs & Pulls 1

hardware 1

hardware 2

Make a big statement with over sized pulls in the kitchen. The look of the large pull is very sharp.

Large Pulls



Large Pulls 2



Large Pulls 1

Large  Pulls 3

Cup pulls are really evolving. Traditional cup pulls radiate nostalgia while a modern take makes the cup pull contemporary.

Cup Pulls


Cup Pulls 2

Cup Pulls 1

Cup Pulls 3



All this hardware, only skims the surface of all the different options out there.  The hardware shown is available through BHD along with a lot more!!

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New Year, New Bedding!

It’s recommended to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.  With all that time in bed, shouldn’t it look fabulous? We are thinking about new bedding for the new year!



How easy it it to give into a trend?  What about a simple chevron throw on the foot of your bed to scratch that itch!



Quilts are a good way to dress up your current bedding.  I have a major girl crush on Maura Grace Ambrose right now!





How about adding some fun, sunny pillows to your current neutral bedding to give your bed a fresh look!



Texture is also a good way to make a bed feel like new!



Pattern can make a whole new room!  What about a bold pattern on the duvet and shams?



Mixing and matching and layering patterns can be so fun for the new year!



What about taking some of your favorite throw pillows to liven up your bed?  Bring on the color and pattern!



How can you incorporate some new bedding in this new year?

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Fireclay Tile!

We are in love with Fireclay Tile!  So excited for their newly opened showroom in San Francisco.  Check it out here on their blog!



Their sustainable practices along with 150 different colors and 24 different shapes, make the design possibilities endless and makes our hearts swoon!


Enjoy this time of excitment Fireclay!  We hope to see you in a client’s home soon!!

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