Designing for Airbnb – Part Two!

Still gathering ideas for where your holiday guests will stay when your own home is full?  Let’s take a look at another Airbnb unit we did in the same building for the same client.  As in our first unit, our mission was to create vibrant interiors that would photograph well & to create a sumptuous environment that would delight guests. 

For the kitchen, we let the space speak for itself and added a few key accent pieces that would make the space feel cheerful and inviting.

Here is another view back into the kitchen. We love the way the art coordinates with the accessories and makes the whole space come together. Design is not an accident, our friends! 🙂

In the living room, we created the bold accent wall using a great teal green paint. The simple magic of a can of paint is not to be disputed. We complimented the wall color with great mustard pillows and a warmly stained coffee table. The blue area rug pulls together the look. 

For the rest of the living room, we kept the walls white and made an traditional “entertainment” wall pulling double-duty by tucking extra seating, blankets, and pillows underneath. Even if guests don’t use them, it creates a cozy environment!

For the first bedroom, we carried pieces of the color palette in the living room over to create a constant look for the overall unit. Here we have burnt tangerine and blue paired with  bold red accents. We love how the art pulls the colors together.

Here is a great shot of the desk with the gorgeous green trees outside the window. A quiet moment in the overall design that speaks volumes for the thought and care that went into designing every corner of the space.

Here is an overall look at the bedroom. Plenty of storage so guests can unpack and feel right at home and bold art to invigorate the space. What more could you want?

For the second bedroom, we adapted the color palette to create a distinctive, memorable contrast to the first bedroom. Remember, we are thinking about our designs for how they will photograph / read online and we want to make it as easy for online users to remember the space as having two separate, complete bedrooms. No “closet” bedrooms here!

For this space, we carried over the mustard and added fun prints and wall art. The space is fun, laid back, and the perfect backdrop for enjoying an eclectic city!

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Designing for Airbnb

When checking out Airbnb rentals, what is at the top of your list? Cleanliness, style, or location? For us, we never sacrifice on cleanliness but what we love about Airbnb is finding places with unique style. The perfect rental becomes the backdrop to a memorable trip; have a funky, cool Airbnb – have a good trip!

Designing Airbnb rentals is a lot of fun. It is a chance to use bold color, vibrant prints, and to create fun, catchy interiors. We design for the client (aka the owner of the property) and the end user (aka the renter). We think what will photograph well to spark interest on Airbnb and what furnishings, what materials, what luxuries, will guests enjoy (and leave raving reviews for the owners)?

Who wouldn’t be happy to walk into this bright, well appointed kitchen? By livening up the standard kitchen with bright accessories in fun shapes and textures, we infused the space with personality while letting the the cleanliness of the kitchen shine. 

In the living room, the bright palette is sure to catch attention online while the soft luxuries like throw pillows, blankets soften up the space. We added table lamps for reading and a nice comfortable club chair for relaxing.

Here is a view from the living room back into the kitchen. Doesn’t the space feel inviting? We designed the space so guests could feel right at home and enjoy the open layout of the apartment.

Art is always an important piece in our designs and here we used ______local??____art to add character to landing space right outside the bedrooms. Fun vignettes like this are sure to appeal to viewers online and to real life guests!

For the two bedrooms, we wanted to create unique color palettes so viewers could easily remember the space as a true two bedroom. When bedrooms appear too bland / similar in photos, it makes it really hard to remember when you compare rentals! This gorgeous blue bedroom with rich red accent pillows grabs your attention. We love the lux materials as they are a bit unexpected.

For the second bedroom, we went with fun prints and pops of color. We like how the colors compliment the first bedroom but are a distinct and memorable on their own.

Stay tuned to next week when we present the second unit!

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