In Our Collection: Coffee Table Books to Love

The role of a coffee table book is varied and important. Not only does table literature add to the ambiance of a space and provide endless inspiration, but it also kick-starts conversations. The curated collection of coffee table books at Beth Haley Design gives insight to a world of style — from architecture to interior design to fashion. Let these books, penned by some of the biggest names in those industries, serve as something special to place on your coffee table. Or, take a chance and style them on shelves or side tables.

In Our Collection: Coffee Table Books to Love

The Tin Man

by Charlie Lucas

This coffee table book takes a welcomed approach to art and storytelling whereby the reader is given insight into the history of the artist and the many events that informed his work. Charlie Lucas, a self-taught artist, is known as a great inventor in the field of American folk art. A glimpse into his studio and process reveals his ability to find beauty in every material. His story is moving, and his devotion to art is inspiring. Upon reading this book, you’ll want to hop in the car and head directly to his studio in Selma, Alabama to meet the man himself in person. (Just be sure to call ahead to schedule a tour.)

The Restorative Home: Ecological Houses

by David Hertz

Sustainable residential architecture is showcased in this monograph, chronicling David Hertz’s work over the past 30 years. The relationship shared between architecture and nature informs his practice as an architect. Hertz places importance on how the final design connects to its natural surroundings as well as its occupants. We wholeheartedly agree with his stance on sustainability and find ourselves returning to the pages of this beautiful coffee table book for inspiration.


by Kelly Wearstler

If you are looking to flip through pages filled with color and daring interior design, Hue is a must-have for your collection. The tome is a treasure trove of intriguing interiors characterized by the use of vibrant hues. The text is minimal, but the glossy pages speak for themselves. Through simply looking, you’ll gain an understanding of how to use bold color and texture in a way that works.

In Our Collection: Coffee Table Books to Love

Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon

by Iris Apfel

Iris Apfel’s arresting style is matched by her pointed personality. Iris rose to fame due to her individual sense of style and captivating demeanor. Get to know the interior designer and fashion icon on the glossy pages of her catch-all book. A lifetime of shared stories, up unto this point, are captured in this playful coffee table book and essays, photos and inspiration fill the pages, which you will wish would never end. Thankfully, the book ends on a high note with a section titled: “How to Live to be 200.”

Slow Roads Tennessee: A Photographic Journey Down Timeless Byways

by Jerry Park

Take a trip with Jerry Park through his photographic journal and be reminded of the slower pace of life found away from Tennessee’s urban core. You’ll stumble upon striking images of unchanged land that has housed generations of Tennesseans and their customs. There is nothing like a long country drive to clear your mind and thanks to this coffee table book; you don’t even have to leave your couch to see the sights.

Texas Made/Texas Modern: The House and the Land

by Helen Thompson

The Texas landscape stretches far beyond its town’s and city’s offerings of art, food and architecture and acts as a strong juxtaposition to modern Texas architecture explored in this book. Marfa is only one locale the author visits, but a trip to the small Texas town is what first piqued Beth’s interest in the relationship between the Texas landscape and its architecture. Secluded in the Texas desert, Marfa has become a hot destination for artists and those inspired by the creative culture the small town holds.

In Our Collection: Coffee Table Books to Love

Beth Haley Design is about people, community and creativity.

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A Fresh Start: Kicking Off 2019 with Beth Haley

January whizzed by and February smacked us in the face. The month was spent organizing, rolling with unexpected weather and preparing for the new year that lies ahead. We are entering said new year by opening the (figurative) door to Beth Haley Design to learn what is inspiring Beth Haley, the brains behind crafting a stylish home. She indulged us by answering a few questions and inspiring us to have our best year yet.

While Beth Haley Design reaches far beyond Beth Haley herself, it is Beth Haley’s ethos and dedication to design that act as the cornerstone for our boutique interior design firm.

Those who have spotted a space designed by Beth Haley Design understand the coolness that can come with color and the necessity of functional design. The award-winning spaces showcase Beth’s ability to use vibrant hues in a way that is at once inspiring and approachable. Unique color combinations excite Beth and reflect the energy of her clients. But color is only one piece of the puzzle. Beth Haley Design is founded on the importance of people, community and creativity.

As a client of Beth Haley Design, Beth wants to get to know you so that she can articulate your personality and preferences into the design.

Today, we turn the tables to get to know Beth a bit more.


Industry idols: Kelly Wearstler

Beth gravitates towards Kelly Wearstler due to her captivating point of view. “She has created a look all her own — it is unexpected, colorful, artistic and sculptural,” Beth explains. Kelly’s Los Angeles-based interior design studio has evolved in an inspiring manner and Beth, and other lovers of design, look to her work with respect for her ingenuity and her transformative approach to design.

Inspiring Nashville spaces: Our city is bursting with inspiration and when Beth needs to think creatively she often turns to one of these go-to favorites.  Cheekwood, for it’s revolving outdoor art that brings respected arts to Nashville and encourages involvement from the community, Frist Art Museum for it’s historical, yet modern and fresh, architecture, and lastly, all the new fresh and innovative hotels and restaurants in Nashville.

“I love the emphasis hotels and restaurants are putting on design, exposing Nashville to more creative spaces,” Beth explains. “Not only are they paying attention to design, but they are influencing design.”

Winter wanderlust: Beth is not much for cold weather, so on cold, grey, winter days, her mind often goes to places like Palm Springs or Miami where color and design expression often abound.


Beth spent her early days in Selma, Alabama, which fostered her love and appreciation of historic architecture. “I have always sought to blend this reverence for history with the livability demanded by today’s busy lifestyle. Honoring time-worn spaces while adding function and creating a nurturing, contemporary space in a sustainable manner remains the hallmark of my aesthetic to this day,” Beth said in an interview.

Beth is revisiting Charlie Lucas’ Tin Man. The book found its back way onto Beth’s bedside table thanks to the incredible stories that accompany Lucas’ journey with American folk art — and their shared Alabama roots.


Preferred caffeine joint: Just Love Coffee, whose local restaurants are owned by personal friends of Beth’s. She describes it as a coffee shop based on love of people, love of coffee and love of community — three things Beth happens to love, too.

Go-to art galleries: Zeitgeist, The Arts Company and David Lusk Gallery   

“I know I can go to these galleries and be encouraged to think differently and see life in new ways. I’m captivated by the artist’s insight and views on the world,” Beth shares.

Lunching: When Beth slows down to enjoy a lunch hour, she likes Frothy Monkey for their fresh, artistic dishes and The Picnic Cafe, which reminds her of her grandmother and her hometown of Selma, Alabama.

Neighborhood joints: Beth Haley Design is lucky enough to be housed in 12 South, a very walkable community with an ever-evolving choice of restaurants.  Sunny days call for lunch at neighborhood restaurants and visits to local stores to do a little shopping on the way back to the office.  A couple of Beth’s favorite stops are Serendipity and Savant Vintage, both known for their distinctive and quirky style.  

Frothy Money, Nations | Photo: Frothy Monkey


“To remain calm, even though my natural state is to ramp up with excitable energy.”

Beth Haley Design is about people, community and creativity. As we embark on a new year, we are reminded of our central focus: helping our clients find a personal connection within their space.


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February Newsletter – Love It Or List It

What a pleasure this year’s Nashville Antique & Garden Show show was! The flowers! The art! The antiques! Every year, we feel such pride to call Nashville home as we see the Antique & Garden Show bless our little city with magic. The show always captures our imagination and gives us a big healthy dose of inspiration. This year, it was all about the quality of antiques on display. The variety was incredible and we really fell in love with the contemporary vintage. No shocker there.

All the vintage got us thinking though…Why does some vintage feel so good yet other vintage feel so…wrong? What makes a piece intriguing and another piece stale? We find ourselves asking the questions, “How do you know what to keep or what to look for?” and “How do you know when it’s time to let something go?” 

Keep reading for answers to your questions! 

Featured Topic: Love it or List It?

Clients ask us this question all the time: “Can I keep this piece from my parents? Will it go in the new house?” Let’s dive into the archives and try to pinpoint why we sometimes can love it but sometimes have 

A contemporary living room that is architecturally interesting. The fireplace is chic and the decor is on point. The vintage sideboard feels at home with the modern decor and adds a layer of curiosity to the space.

Vintage doesn’t just apply to furniture. Display what you have and display what you love. The bright antique bowl is perfectly at home with a nice little vanity vignette. It’s sure to intrigue guests.

Talk about a perfect pairing! The secret to this inspiring space is the contrasts. Contemporary architecture paired with heirloom antiques. Often clients worry their collection won’t match the space and in some cases, it’s true. But in this case the unusual mix works because the space is grand enough to hold the furniture and give it space to breathe. The composition feels like it’s a curated corner of a museum, displaying fine works of art and fine examples of period antiques.

Another fine example of unusual pairings – A modern kitchen mixed with what could be called a “decor console” and it WORKS! The ingenious pairing feels fresh, unexpected, and the juxtaposition makes both the kitchen and the vintage piece that much more interesting.

Featured Event: Exciting show at the Frist

Have an afternoon to spare? Indulge in a world class show downtown and enjoy time with some of the best French painters of all time. Van Gogh, Monet, Degas, and Their Times: The Mellon Collection of French Art runs now through May 5 but we have a hunch you might just want to go back for seconds!

When: February 2 – May 5
Where: Frist Art Museum

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: 10:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
  • Thursday and Friday: 10:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m. 
  • Saturday: 10:00 a.m.–5:30 p.m.
  • Sunday: 1:00–5:30 p.m. (Café opens at noon on Sunday) 

For more info click here

Hot Topic: Netflix & Chill

After you watch all the episodes of Tidying Up With Marie Kondoand feel a void fill it up with the delightful Netflix design show Stay Here. Follow along as a talented designer and real estate guru transform lackluster properties into hot Airbnb rentals. Each episode takes place in a new city and tackles a new design challenge. What’s more, each episode is packed with  insightful design & business tips. Marie Kondo inspired us to Tidy up but Stay Here is inspiring us to rent it out!

We’ve watched the first and second episode (Seattle houseboat and Malibu beach house) and we are already hooked! Nothing like an awesome design show to watch during one of the coldest months of the year!

Click here for more info

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