Nowadays a pet is much more than a “best friend”—it’s an integral part of your family, and therefore, your home. And while, naturally, we all love to spoil Fido, no one wants a home to look (or smell) like a kennel. Certainly, pets have basic needs, but it is also possible to have a stylish home and a happy “best friend.” Here are a few fun dog and cat beds we love!
How cozy is this for your sweet kitty!?

Cat Bed

If your kitty would prefer to be off the floor….like my cats…here is a great option!


Does your pet need an extra step to reach those higher places? How sweet is this?


For that perfect pooch in you life check out this bed! I love that it also functions as a side table!


If you are a fan of the double function as well, how about a bed that also functions as a planter?


If you have two pets that are buddies but would prefer their own bed space this bunk-bed option is perfect!

This is my absolute favorite! What pet wouldn’t love a camper of its own?

For the slightly more posh pooch in you life check out this modern beauty!

Pets love a schedule as much as kids, they like to know what to expect and when to expect it. When it’s feeding time what type of dish do you serve up your pet’s meal in? Here are some of the “fine china” options for pets.

I love these feeders because they attach to the wall making them easy to sweep and mop under. I have some messy eaters at my house and this would make cleanup a breeze.

Raised Feeder

These are simple and fun!

For a mix and match option I love these!

For my final pick in feeders I love the cut-outs as well as the color options for these feeders!

Modern Cat

Is you pet living in style?