Guests are coming soon and there is no better time to make a few decorative changes like the present!  Look around.   What accessories do you have that are in need of a little sprucing up?  We’ve thought of a few of our favorites to share!

Do you have that one bowl in the house?  You know, the “catch all” bowl you drop your keys in each night.  The bowl that keeps fruit at a convenience.  Or is it a simple bowl filled with other items to fill the corner of the cocktail table?  We all have them, but do we have the bowl that makes a statement and can stand alone?

Organic and geometric takes on the round bowl!

Simple and sculptural!

Picture3 Picture4

Stone—raw and refined!

Picture5 Picture6

Will you be putting out fresh flowers during the Holidays?  Getting new indoor potted plants?  Why not take the opportunity to have your vase or pot pose as a piece of art!

Picture7 Picture18 Picture19 Picture20

Don’t forget the fireplace!  With these screens and accessories your fireplace will look wonderful even without flames!

Picture21 Picture22 Picture23 Picture24

Fallen in love?  Give us a ring!  All of these are available through BHD!