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Jimmy Abegg, Artist

IN the early summer, I was scouting out artists for the BHD showroom. I was talking to a painter in the former hosiery mill on Chestnut Street; he said his neighbor a few studios down might fit the world of interior design. “Go check out Jimmy Abegg.” On meeting Jimmy,  I fell into a sort of vortex of excitement. A whole field of limitless thought opens when you enter into his studio, where a guardian spirit is saying “as long as this guy works, he's going to produce beauty for us.”
studio 4 paintings

He's a brilliant conversationalist with the self confidence and openness that makes an interlocutor at home. I have visited him five or six  times since June, and each time I walk out of his studio I know I saw only a small portion of his paintings and drawings.  And it bothers me.


painting 1

As long as he is working, he seems to be earning his keep on the planet. In return the planet has afforded Abegg with a beautiful marriage, wise and equally artistic daughters, a new granddaughter, a highly successful professional photo career, as well as success as a touring musician. He's been a merchandising and disc packaging guru for many a band on an international level; it is a portfolio of hundreds. And he's a painter. Oils mostly.

“Zipper” Oil on Canvas, 24″x36″. Available in BHD Showroom

pg 1

pg 2

pg 3

I never got the number of years he's been producing fine art. He has hand-bound books of photographs of past paintings that have been sold.  He did mention that when the economy plunged in 2008, it was painting that he fell back on to make a living.  “Can you imagine? Having fine art as your back-up plan?”

“No. You're self taught, too.”

“Yeah, self taught. If I had graduated from the Art Institute and had a degree or two, would I be doing this?”

We both stopped and looked at each other,  knowing the answer to the question before I said, “You'd be lucky if you were doing this and had an art degree.”

“Yes, I have a great life. I feel very lucky.”

Self-Portrait, Wood Cut.

Self-Portrait, Wood Cut.

On my first visit, he said, let me show you these.  They are called “Spirit Levels” and he paints them in series. They are approachable with a fine design sense and balance. Oils on prepared paper.

abegg and spirit level

“Spirit Level” Oil on Prepared Archival Paper, 18″x24″. Available through BHD Showroom

“Yellow Sprit Levels” Oil on Prepared Archival Paper, Mounted on Panel, 22″x30″. Available through BHD Showroom

“I work a piece until it is finished. Hours turn into days usually.”  Layers, solvent, layer, dry, layer, until it is done. What's the goal?  “It is done when it is done,” Jimmy said.


“Spirit Level”, Oil on Prepared Archival Paper, 18″x24″. Available through BHD Showroom.

“Spirit Level,” Oil on Prepared Archival Paper, 18″x24″. Available through BHD Showroom

He grew up in Nebraska. When he settled in Nashville and started working as a musician and artist, he was able to provide his mother with a photographic portrait of one of her favorites, Merle Haggard. He also furnished her with a print of John Cash, Johnny's son, and somewhere in the mind that is a Mother's Pride, she believed he played with Johnny, but no. For the record, Jimmy and Johnny never played together.  And I have no copies of those portraits here.  In fact, due to time limitations, I have laid a hand on maybe five photographs.  Again, it bothers me.  Thankfully, his website  has a nice sampling of photos. It is fair to say he is a master of photographic portraits.





He grew up with a rigid spiritual background and found his faith was greater than any closed form. His is more like flight, tumbling and rising frequencies, love and acceptance. His work is never far away from his faith,  nor is it ever far from the intuitive.

Photos of Oil of Canvas Paintings

Photos of Oil of Canvas Paintings

“Wren” Oil on Canvas, 54″x70″. Available through BHD Showroom

Unfinished,  Oil on Canvas

Unfinished, Oil on Canvas

“The Crow”, Oil on Canvas, 16″x32″. Available through BHD Showroom

Unfinished, Oil on Canvas

Unfinished, Oil on Canvas

Shoes & Chairs, Oil on Linen Mounted on Wood.  Available through BHD Showroom

Shoes & Chairs, Oil on Linen Mounted on Wood. Available through BHD Showroom

Jimmy Abegg will be featured at BHD through December.  We would love to introduce you.

Jimmy's Studio Door. 427 Chestnut Street, Nashville.

Jimmy's Studio Door. 427 Chestnut Street, Nashville.

Self Portrait, Woodcut

Self Portrait, Woodcut

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Holiday Party – Save the Date!!

We hope to see you November the 7th from 6pm -8pm for a Holiday Bazaar! Browse our showroom, meet and greet with local artisans, purchase gifts and enjoy some refreshments.  Hope to see you all there!Save the Date revised

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Guest Rooms!

We are quickly approaching that time of the year where our guest rooms see a lot of action!  Family holidays and gatherings are often so jammed packed with details that sometimes the guest room itself gets overlooked.  There is nothing more enjoyable than a nice hotel experience.  Why not give your guest this experience? Below are items available through BHD to keep your guests comfortable and feeling like royalty!

Each guest shows up with some kind of luggage.  Hotels always have the nifty luggage rack.  We found one that functions just the same, but is sharp looking!  This leather top with metal base can be folded up and put away when not in use.


Sometimes its just best to use a bench.  They are generally small and can be used at the end of the bed for both luggage and a place to sit.  We love the simple structural details of the following benches. They'll fit any quest perfectly!


Bedding is crucial for a good night’s rest.  So why not give them the hotel feel?  Trimmed duvets always look sharp and can be removed to be cleaned.  Don’t forget to provide an extra throw incase one gets chilly!


Providing a bedside decanter filled with water gives your guest  convenience and puts your mind to ease that they won’t go thirsty during the night!

After a long day of travel, finding a chilled bottle could be just the thing to help your guest relax!  Below are some of our favorite chillers.  Super sharp looking!


Providing bathroom amenities such as q-tips and cotton balls for your guests is a must.  Why not make these utilitarian items look great in decorative containers wrangled into a gorgeous tray!


And last but not least, provide your guest with the chance to write notes or send letters back home.  Keep things organized by storing them in glass boxes or unique horn cups for easy access.  With items this pretty, these things won't go unnoticed!


Don’t forget the clock!  Is it time for you to update your guest room amenities?

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