Faux Sho-House: Master Bedroom Edition!

The act of sleeping is very curious to me.  What really happens in the world while we are off in dream land?  And what could be more fascinating than dreams and their meanings?  I wanted to ignite and fuel this spark of curiosity with my Faux Sho-Master Bedroom.  In my opinion, bedrooms should be comfortable, well worn, and dimly lit.  They should be relaxed, not fussy and just a bit….curious…


Let’s start with the reason why we are here: to sleep.  I selected this  19th C. Keyhole Metal Arch Bed from Restoration Hardware because it has a timeless look and is extremely durable.  Unlike a wooden bed, it won’t scratch or show wear on the finish.  And unlike an upholstered bed, it will not become dingy or need reupholstering when the fabric becomes out of date.  It’s a good, sturdy, back drop to the bedding.  For the bedding, we’ve got graphic Euro Shams, available through BHD, and  organic cotton bedding from ABC Carpet & Home.  I never miss an opportunity to display art, so why not on kidney pillows?  This water colored landscape pillow was from Crate and Barrel and it reminds me of a far-off dream-scape.


To set the mood of the room, I have selected Benjamin Moore’s Sea Pine for the walls.  It’s a perfect unsaturated blue-grey that creates a cave-like feeling without being too dark or too dramatic.  For treatments at the windows, I’m thinking long simple panels of Marimekko’s cotton Mehilaipsesa fabric.  Mehilaipsesa is Finnish for beehive;  I find nothing more curious than a beehive!


Bedrooms should have versatility in storage.  Yes there are closets for clothes, but what about extra blankets, pillows, and books?  I love the mystery that comes with any antique piece.  Who had it, and for how long?  How many different hands have touched it and how many different items did it store?  I found a great old armoire with a beautifully worn patina and paired it with Blu Dot’s Shale Dresser.  I love mixing old with new, drawers with doors and  complementing wood tones.


Lighting is key to any space and the bedroom is no exception.  When the sun goes down, I want small areas of warm light to give the room a subtle glow.  A small lamp on the dresser, available through BHD, with Julian Chichester’s Soho Lamp flanking each side of the bed is perfect!  I love that these lamps are wall mounted, and swing.  There is no loss of surface on the bedside tables and they can be adjusted as need for reading.


Cannot forget about art!  The bedroom is one of the best places to put art because you get the most opportunity to enjoy it.  I chose an original painting by April Street because it evokes a dreamy feeling in me.  It's inspiring and calm all at the same time.   April’s work is available through The Art’s Company.


Also, on the floor, I selected Kyle Bunting’s Layla cowhide rug.  Each one of his designs are meticulously executed and each deserve to be considered a work of art!


And because sometimes lounging doesn’t feel like being in the bed, I selected Ralph Pucci’s day bed.  I love how it is sculptural and it has adjustable arms! How perfect are those for a head pillow as well!  I can definitely picture myself lounging on this with a great book in hand.


I hope our Faux Sho-House has been fun so far.  And is possibly sparking up some interest for you?!  Are you curious to see what we will dream up next? Stay tuned!!

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Emerging From Hibernation

In honor of Spring, I wanted to post about beds as we begin to emerge from the hibernation of Winter! Our beds/bedrooms are where we recharge, rest and prepare for our daily lives. We should pay special attention to these sanctuaries of ours as they play such a vital role in our metal and physical health. Having a designated area that you feel completely at ease is a wonderful thing to have at the end of a full, mentally taxing day.  Here are a few ideas to make your sanctuary feel especially cozy and peaceful:

Color in a bedroom should be a personal experience. This is YOUR space…don’t be afraid to paint the walls your very favorite color! If you think the color will be too overwhelming even as an accent wall, consider using it in another bold way such as a headboard or a pair of lamps. Your bedroom should be a getaway that makes you smile every time you walk in.

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The use of fabric as walls to close off an intimate  little nook for the bed is a great way to define the space while also adding softness and texture to your room. The benefits of a draped cocoon around your slumbering chamber also include sound proofing and temperature control.

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Take the time to find art that speaks to you or have personal photos nearby that remind you of what you love! Having something personal that you feel connected with every time you open your eyes in the morning will be a wonderful way to start your day!

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What will you do to make your bedroom a special haven?

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