1 09, 2017

September Newsletter- The Art Issue

In the fall, inspiration is everywhere. From the changing colors of nature to the tactile feel of the weather changing, there are many aspects of the exterior world to explore. At BHD, we’ve turned our attention to the interior worlds in which we live and focused our attention on […]

1 07, 2017

July- Newsletter

With any luck, summer means escaping to the beach, the mountains, and destinations far and wide. As you pack, save some space in for items you can bring back to enrich your home. Doesn’t have to an expensive masterpiece, just something you love. Pottery from Portugal, carvings from Mexico, baskets […]

15 05, 2017

Flower Power

Across the world and since ancient times, flowers have held special meaning. The ancient Greeks relied on flowers heavily in mythology as symbols in storytelling. In Victorian times, it was height of society to name your daughter after a flower to imbue purity, beauty, or grace. Modern society has […]

18 04, 2017

Illustrators and Paper Artists

Instagram has become one of our favorite go-tos for inspiration, sourcing, and trend spotting. It is our most used “virtual magazine”, fully customizable and virtually limitless in terms of the depth we can get into when we really want to research a product or lock down a design idea. […]

10 02, 2017

The Beauty of Custom New Construction

Upon arriving at this home in a wooded neighborhood near Radnor Lake in Nashville, guests might be surprised by the interiors unless they knew our client. In that case, friends would likely recognize the aesthetic and personality from a mile away and be able to match up the interiors with […]