Culturally Inspired Design & Accessories

Your home can be a great way to “showcase” your heritage, your culture. The opportunities are endless. From paintings , fabrics, sculptures and other artifacts, your home can almost become a mini museum! A place where elements of your culture and ancestry can proudly be displayed throughout.




Asian inspired design embodies most of the traits I look for in a bedroom: minimalistic furnishings, clean lines, and an overall feeling of tranquility. Asian inspired design almost always includes natural elements, such as the use of stone and wood for your furnishings and floors.



Animal prints, tribal textiles, and natural elements create an African inspired design. Here are some of our favorite accessories. Geometric and bold, these create a real punch!


I love these modern African inspired textiles for their unusual color combinations and organic patterns!

African Inspired Textiles


The Russian culture itself provides many striking sources of visual inspiration. The country is filled with many enduring landmarks that provide a great visual springboard from which to implement elements of style. From whimsical ballet sets, to iconic metropolitan cities, to inspiring snow-capped landscapes, there are many ways to bring unique hints of Russian style into your home.



An ornate, fanciful and decorative style is characteristic of this look. Colors range from rich, sun-drenched Mediterranean hues to softer, muted shades. Often, one color or fabric is repeated throughout the space. It's characterized by rich details and extensive use of gold, bronze and gilt. Antique furniture, layered dramatic window treatments and abundant fresh flowers fill out a French home.


Design inspiration can come from so many sources. Have your travels or heritage inspired your designs?

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Destination: Spain!

This month we will be discussing new destinations! Today, I’d like to travel to Spain and take a peek at the world famous Lladro, one of the most universally recognized Spanish brands. They have created unique, hand-crafted, porcelain pieces for 60 years now. When most of us think of porcelain we may envision a cherub or similar traditional piece such as this.

As sweet as this little guy is, Lladro is helping shine a new light on what porcelain can be. They are no longer your traditional porcelain accessories. Here are a few of our favorites.

I love the colors and the geometric patterns in theses vases. They are also available as lamps.


How fun are these building vases?

If you like the idea of figures but want something more modern and edgy check these cuties out.

They also create handmade light fixtures. I love this wall sconce, it is also available in black.

Check out these great little pendants!

These candle holders would be so sweet in a powder room.

If you're looking for table accessories check out these platters, plates, and salt and pepper shakers.

Being a Kentucky girl, I always get a kick out of the horse accessories!

I love this little platter as well.

Finally, a fun piece that I just had to share! Such a whimsical chandelier!

What are your favorite Spanish inspired designs?

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