Hardware for the Kitchen!!

Hardware for the kitchen is similar to wearing jewelry; it makes the kitchen sparkle.

We love to consider the various finishes, shapes and lengths of hardware, selecting different components and combinations.  Below are some of our favorites!

Here is the traditional knob and pull combination, ranging from traditional to modern.

Knobs & Pulls


Knobs & Pulls 3

Knobs & Pulls 2

Knobs & Pulls 1

hardware 1

hardware 2

Make a big statement with over sized pulls in the kitchen. The look of the large pull is very sharp.

Large Pulls



Large Pulls 2



Large Pulls 1

Large  Pulls 3

Cup pulls are really evolving. Traditional cup pulls radiate nostalgia while a modern take makes the cup pull contemporary.

Cup Pulls


Cup Pulls 2

Cup Pulls 1

Cup Pulls 3



All this hardware, only skims the surface of all the different options out there.  The hardware shown is available through BHD along with a lot more!!

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Cozy Daybeds & Throws!

It’s that time of year when the nights are starting to get cold. When you get home, all you want to do is snuggle up under a blanket and read a good book. Daybeds are the perfect snuggle nook and when you add a throw it’s heaven.



Daybeds are a casual place to unwind from the day and get comfy without being in a actual bed. Here are a few good looking daybeds that are ready to be snuggled on!

daybed 1

Available through BHD

daybed 7

Available through BHD


daybed 8

Available through BHD


daybed 2

Available through BHD

Throws are a must during the holidays!! Combine these throws with a daybed and you’ll never want to leave the house! Stay warm this winter with any of the choices below!

throw 1

throw 2


throw 5

throw 3


throw 4

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get cozy!!!

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Dining Tables & Extra Seating!

It is the time of year where families are starting to think about where they are going to gather for the holiday's. Is your dining room ready? Here are some great dining room tables, round and rectangular, to accommodate all your guests this holiday season!

Table 1

Table 2Available through BHD.

Table 3

Table 4

Dining room chairs are a place to sit, catch up on life stories, and eat lots of food! Here are some traditional and not so traditional examples.

Chair 2

Chair 1

Chair 3Available through BHD.

Benches are a great seating option;  instead of two people sitting in chairs, three to four people can sit on the bench! Also, a round bench can be placed in the corner for decorative purposes and pulled to the table to accommodate.

Bench 1

Bench 2

Available through BHD.

If your family is anything like mine, extra seating is a must during the holidays! These are some lovely fold up chairs that can be used and then stored once guests and family leave.

The holidays are such a great time of year to relax with and enjoy your family! Is your dining room ready for everyone?

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