Dance- Back in the Groove!

Dance rooms are a place to cut loose, let out energy, gather with your friends, practice, and just dance. I was a dancer for sixteen years of my life and a special spot to dance in my house would have been heaven. I can imagine all the fun. Do you have an extra room in your house that just holds clutter or items that you aren’t using? If so consider making it into a place where you can dance, let loose and get back in the groove.

In my dream dance room, I would want an awesome accent wall, lots of mirrors, seating for friends, and of course a disco ball. Here's my shiny dream dance room!!

Pic 5

This wallcovering is fascinating  and gorgeous. It's elegant for a ballerina but at the same time fun enough to make you want to groove to the music.

Pic 2

Everyone watches themselves dance in the mirror every once in a while and why not do it in style with this antiqued mirror screen.

Pic 3

This chandelier balances finesse and texture in an otherwise shiny room.

Pic 4

When selecting flooring, one has to think about all the activities that happen in a dance room. Vinyl flooring for a dance room is ideal. Yes, vinyl flooring! This vinyl plank is made with a high recyclable content. It also has great slip resistance, you can dance the night away without a worry in the world.

Pic 1

This chair, from Stray Dog Designs, is so much fun! It is the perfect touch of quirkiness.

Pic 6

I think, the stand out piece in a dance room should be the chandelier. If my choice of chandelier didn’t fit your style maybe one of these will.

Put a little dazzle in your dance room- add shine and spunk!

Pic 7

Here are other dance rooms. If you don't find inspiration from my mock dance room maybe these will inspire you!

Pic 8


This long fringe would allow for lots of personality and could also be fun to dance with.

Pic 9


A long rectangle room is the perfect shape dance room! Color blockingwith fabric panels on the walls adds splashes of color and also helps with noise from the loud music!



Using a large pattern flooring material is a fun way to put some charisma into your dance room!



Adding a bar and some mirrors is a fantastic way to achieve a dance spot if there isn't an extra room for dancing!



Doesn't the vibe of this dance studio feel so zen! Connecting the outdoors with the indoors can be so liberating. I can imagine lots of Yoga or Pilates happening here.



I hope these dance rooms inspire you to get back in the groove. Especially the dance groove!

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Faux Sho-House: Guest Bedroom Edition!

A guest bedroom should be a place where guests feel welcomed & comfortable in your home. It is the perfect room to add selections of colors or styles you have an affinity for but may not have a space for in the rest of your home.  For my faux sho house guest bedroom, I added some funk & spunk that I might not necessarily highlight in other rooms.


I know when I am a guest in a home,  sometimes I just need to go to the bedroom and get away for a few minutes. Whether it is to make a phone call,  check emails or whatever it is; I want to be comfortable. I love the modern feel of this  American Leather armchair; I think it would be a perfect resting spot. This chest from Currey and Company is the stand out piece in the room for me and what the rest of the room was inspired from. The waterfall edges in the wood are so unique and the streamlined hardware really sets off the piece.


I like when rooms use different materials like this headboard which is wrapped leather rattan available through BHD. The headboard and night stand are perfect to add a sense of airiness.Picture2

I believe that accents are what give life to a room, and the accent pieces for this room are no different. This rug, available through BHD,  provides the spunky personality I wanted. I loved this marble print pillow from West Elm, and I think pairing it with two more rigidly patterned pillows that marry up the color scheme allows for both interest and restfulness.


This lamp, available through BHD,  reminds me of a bee hive and how yummy honey is to eat! I find this chandelier, with its relaxed lines and Moroccan inspiration from Currey and Company an amazing piece that would be welcomed in any room of my own home!


I love ART and I absolutely love monochromatic art. Both of the pieces of art in this room have to do with hats/headpieces. The lady in the blue hat is by Bernard Lamotis and is available through Natural Curiosities and really makes the chandelier pop. The plume forms in the crown artwork tie in great with the rug; it is by Fernando Boher and is also available through Natural Curiosities.

Picture4Thanks for visiting my guest bedroom and I hope you enjoyed it! Two more spaces to come!

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