Native American Inspired Design!

Trending for a while now has been the bold colors and graphics of Navajo and American Indian prints.  You can find these gorgeous graphics and patterns on phone cases, jewelry, clothing and last but not least, interior furnishings!

Check out how the bright and colorful graphics transform this modern chair into a fun and festive focal point!

We keep seeing more and more of these native graphics influencing rug and pillow designs.

This NeBe Green blanket is made from re-processed off-cuts by local artisans and is a fun modern twist on traditional, native blankets.

Native pottery is a classic way to bring in some of this rich heritage to your home.  Let’s take a look at how others use this inspiration for their own designs.


Surfacephilia drew inspiration from native American and  other related items like feather, stones, birds and embroidery to create the “Navajo” collection of wallpapers and textiles.


This  geometric pattern was used as a backdrop for this coastal antique store’s windows.

I love how this living room’s layered native graphics are paired with classic modern furniture lines.

And speaking of classic modern lines, check out these Eames rockers adorned in classic Pendletons!!

This kitchen’s clean lines set a perfect stage for the accessories and décor to nod to Native design.

How much fun are these walls?!  F. U. N. fun!

The simple native graphic takes on a whole new feel in this painted ombre colored application!


This gorgeous modern adobe design takes the mixing of native  architecture with modern contemporary furniture to a new level!


This bathroom is from the same house.  The light colored materials and contemporary fixtures work beautifully next to the more traditional native rug and  accessories!


You don’t have to have a traditional native architecture to blend modern with native.  This living room shows that the two styles can complement each other wonderfully despite the architecture!

What are some ways you can incorporate these classic graphics into your décor?

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Global Inspired Wallcoverings!

Schumacher just recently released Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s global inspired wallcovering collection.  His collection is based on tiles, panels and other graphic entities seen in the palaces and other grand and royal buildings of Morocco, Turkey and India.

This got us thinking, who else uses global inspiration for wallcovering design?

Donghia’s “Looks Like Tapa Cloth”  is a modern take on  the authentic Tapa Cloths of the Pacific Islands.

Maya Romanoff just recently released “Meditation Ohm”, a new philanthropy product that goes towards Aid to Artisans.  This wallcovering is made by Nepalese artist in the mountainous region of the Himalayas where the Lokta plant grows.  This plant’s fiber is typically used to make Buddhist prayer books.  Artist form circular patterns of the Lokta scraps with chopsticks to create this beautiful textured wallcovering.

To find out more about Aid to Artisans please visit

Milan based  designer, Arjumand’s  China Collection is bold, colorful and packed full of graphics!

Arjumand’s The Oriental Louloudo Collection was inspired from Turkey to the Balkans!

A blown up  photograph taken by the father adorns this child’s bedroom walls and carries you to a different time and place!

Elle Decor

Velvet Jade’s Indian inspired wallcoverings carry a super fun twist on the typical Indian motifs!

Velvet Jade

These are not only visually yummy, but tasty as well!  Jade used chili powder to hand flock this pattern.

These two are embellished with Tukmaria  and Tapioca seeds!

Irma Boom has created wallcoverings based on nature from around the world.

Color pallets for each design were taken from the actual site.  Below is from  Waddensea, Netherlands

It’s inspiring to see the different color options as they change from region to region.  Shirakami-Sanchi, Japan on the left and  and Hawaii Volcanoes, USA shown on the right!

And last, but especially not least, is Dan Funderburgh’s Williamsburg Renaissance!  This paper was designed for the Wythe hotel located in his own backyard of the Williamsburg neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.  Local urban sites and landmarks were the  inspiration of this wallcovering!


Where would you find inspiration from to create your global inspired wallcovering??

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ADA Transitions

The best transitions are no transitions. But let’s face it.  We hardly ever have only one flooring material through out our homes.  The best we can do is make the transition as smooth as possible.
The Americans with Disabilities Act sets standards and guidelines to insure public safety and ease of accessibility within a space.  Below is the minimum requirements set for a beveled flooring transition.  This sets a standard from one flooring material to another and insures that the changing of materials does not create a tripping hazard or prevent fluid movement from material to material.

It reads like this:


And visually looks like this:




What does this mean in your home?  If flooring transitions are not carefully planned for, it could mean you might have a toe catcher like this.

Below shows a tile/wood combination butted right up to each other.

Tiles of the same thickness can make a smooth transition from on to another in a area like this barrier free shower.

Small metal transitions strips are often used to glide easily from one material to another like shown in this cork to carpet transition.

Another safe way to address area rugs are to inset them into the surrounding flooring material.  This example is shown with hardwood flooring.

Commonly, marble thresholds are used at bathroom floor transitions.  These work best when they are flush with the surrounding materials.  This one also serves as a wonderful clean starting/stopping point for the penny round mosaics.

How fun is this dining are defined by the hexagon tiles?  And the transition…practically seamless!

And lastly, this bathroom tile has an inset of teak flooring that rests above the shower floor drains.  Perfect idea for a seamless no slope shower design!

Hope you have a nice trip and see you next fall!!