Destination: Brazil!

Brazil is known for it’s beautiful mountains, beaches, and lush greenery.

The mild weather makes outdoor living and no central air conditioning the norm throughout the country. Ahhh…. I could so chill here forever…


But the country is not filled with dreamy white beach houses alone…a modern and somewhat urban aesthetic is very prevalent in current day Brazil.

The infamous Copacabana rocks a large scale black and white mosaic that makes a bold design statement along the coast of Rio.

A high contrast black and white graphic design element has become extremely popular in recent years. Do we have Copacabana to thank for this?!


Although mod pervades as the strongest theme in Brazilian interiors, the history of elegant and ornate tradition is often incorporated in more luxurious and higher end settings.

Besides soccer, preparing for and celebrating Carnival is probably Brazil’s favorite pastime. Extravagance and bold use of color are traditionally seen in all the floats and costumes.

As in many tropical climates, bright colors are seen in many different ways throughout Brazilian homes. These two particular spaces look like they were straight out of a Carnival parade! 🙂


And to finish up our  Inspired by Brazil post, I thought I’d share a few pics from my in-laws house in Itu, Brazil!

Pictured:  my sweet mother-in-law caring for her yard during our visit in 2010, the view from their front porch (moooooo), and a beautiful picture of the front of the house that she took this morning…

How will you be inspired by Brazil? Are you more drawn to the vivid Carnival colors or to something inspired by the lush beauty of nature?

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Destination: Spain!

This month we will be discussing new destinations! Today, I’d like to travel to Spain and take a peek at the world famous Lladro, one of the most universally recognized Spanish brands. They have created unique, hand-crafted, porcelain pieces for 60 years now. When most of us think of porcelain we may envision a cherub or similar traditional piece such as this.

As sweet as this little guy is, Lladro is helping shine a new light on what porcelain can be. They are no longer your traditional porcelain accessories. Here are a few of our favorites.

I love the colors and the geometric patterns in theses vases. They are also available as lamps.


How fun are these building vases?

If you like the idea of figures but want something more modern and edgy check these cuties out.

They also create handmade light fixtures. I love this wall sconce, it is also available in black.

Check out these great little pendants!

These candle holders would be so sweet in a powder room.

If you're looking for table accessories check out these platters, plates, and salt and pepper shakers.

Being a Kentucky girl, I always get a kick out of the horse accessories!

I love this little platter as well.

Finally, a fun piece that I just had to share! Such a whimsical chandelier!

What are your favorite Spanish inspired designs?

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Nowadays a pet is much more than a “best friend”—it’s an integral part of your family, and therefore, your home. And while, naturally, we all love to spoil Fido, no one wants a home to look (or smell) like a kennel. Certainly, pets have basic needs, but it is also possible to have a stylish home and a happy “best friend.” Here are a few fun dog and cat beds we love!
How cozy is this for your sweet kitty!?
Cat Bed

If your kitty would prefer to be off the floor….like my cats…here is a great option!


Does your pet need an extra step to reach those higher places? How sweet is this?


For that perfect pooch in you life check out this bed! I love that it also functions as a side table!


If you are a fan of the double function as well, how about a bed that also functions as a planter?


If you have two pets that are buddies but would prefer their own bed space this bunk-bed option is perfect!

This is my absolute favorite! What pet wouldn’t love a camper of its own?

For the slightly more posh pooch in you life check out this modern beauty!

Pets love a schedule as much as kids, they like to know what to expect and when to expect it. When it’s feeding time what type of dish do you serve up your pet’s meal in? Here are some of the “fine china” options for pets.

I love these feeders because they attach to the wall making them easy to sweep and mop under. I have some messy eaters at my house and this would make cleanup a breeze.

These are simple and fun!

For a mix and match option I love these!

For my final pick in feeders I love the cut-outs as well as the color options for these feeders!

Is you pet living in style?

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