After holiday decorations are packed away, our homes feel like a blank slate for a fresh design. Our beloved coffee table books and all-season décor replaces seasonal candles and festive décor. This year, set a resolution to keep your home clutter-free (that’s what junk drawers and extra storage are for), and style your shelves, entryway tables, and coffee tables with care so they become the centerpiece of your space. In the living room, your coffee table should hold the essentials: books, greenery, and space to put your glass of wine. Below, Beth Haley shares three simple tips to achieve a well-styled table. 

Coffee Table Styling Tip #1: Create balance.

Tips to Style Your Coffee Table | Beth Haley Design

Play with texture, shapes, and sizes to create a balanced look on your table. Source a variety of items that serve a different purpose, and when in doubt, arrange your items into a triangle shape. Here a candle, bowl, and stack of books give three points of interest and create balance on an oval table. You can use a bowl to hold something green or as a place to store miscellaneous items, such as the remotes. 

Coffee Table Styling Tip #2: Add some height. 

Tips to Style Your Coffee Table | Beth Haley Design

Coffee table books, bowls, and trays are typically the same height. Add interest by incorporating taller items, such as candlesticks or a vase of flowers. When selecting items, consider things that will spark conversation. Guests will enjoy learning about the trip to France where you secured a pair of vintage candlesticks, the rare book that covers your favorite topic of interest or the bowl you got as a gift. 

Coffee Table Styling Tip #1: Go green. 

Tips to Style Your Coffee Table | Beth Haley DesignEvery room needs something green to re-energize the design and a coffee table is an ideal place to put flowers and plant life. Choose a vase you love, and add fresh flowers that fit the occasion. Here, the flower vase sits atop a tray, which acts as a catchall and adds function. A well-styled table strikes a balance between eye-catching and functional, so choose items that do double duty.  

Are you ready to restyle your coffee table? Call us to visit the Beth Haley Design showroom for small décor pieces that will help you achieve a stylish look. We’d love nothing more than to help you source items you will love and display. Plus, we can share more tips on styling the perfect coffee table. 


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