When it comes to reinventing our white walls, paint and art are the obvious answers, but there are other options to consider. Whether it’s wallpaper, backsplash, shiplap or exposed brick, textured walls dramatically transform a space. Adding accent walls with texture is a great way to introduce character and obtain a high-impact look. While you can certainly go for a coat of paint, Beth Haley Design has found that selecting texture-rich materials is a bold choice that pays off.

If you’re ready to upgrade your walls, take a look at these Beth Haley Design spaces that smartly inject texture and personality through wallcoverings. These textured walls become decorative features, but they can also function as a backdrop to the artwork.

Grass Cloth Wallpaper

Design Inspiration: Accent Walls | Beth Haley Design

Fabric wall coverings add texture and soften a space and their versatility makes them a smart choice for home interiors. The wall coverings play second fiddle to the striking piece of art that hangs above the console table.  

Metal Backsplash

Design Inspiration: Accent Walls | Beth Haley Design

Every type of backsplash adds texture (and functionality) to kitchens and bathrooms. Instead of the classic tile choices, Beth Haley Design opted for an unexpected metal backsplash in this striking bathroom. The copper mimics the pipes and sink to create a uniform design. 

Painted Wood Paneling 

Design Inspiration: Textured Walls | Beth Haley Design

These paneled walls painted in a soft shade of blue add visual interest to this office space. In a room where distractions must be minimal, texture walls are a smart choice. If your style is more contemporary or traditional, painting the wood walls will help you avoid a design that leans too mid-century modern.

Exposed Brick

Design Inspiration: Textured Walls | Beth Haley Design

Brick brings a sense of history and character to any space, and this industrial loft is no exception. Beth Haley Design highlighted the original character of the space by pairing it with eye-catching double doors that are also bursting with texture and personality. 

Rustic Wood Planks

Design Inspiration: Accent Walls | Beth Haley Design

There are layers and layers of texture in this cozy nook, and the design showcases another alternative to wood-paneled walls that feel rustic and warm. 

Mid-Century Wood Paneling

Beth Haley Design | Interior Designer in Nashville

Wood paneling that was so popular in the 70s has made a comeback in interiors that celebrate mid-century modern design. Here, elements will take you back in time, but the end result is fresh and contemporary, not dreary and dated.

Glass Tile Backsplash

Design Inspiration: Textured Walls | Beth Haley Design

Ceramic is the most popular material for a backsplash, but glass tile allows light to reflect off the surfaces and creates visual depth. Choose glass tile for a refreshing take on bathroom design. 

Beadboard Paneling

Design Inspiration: Textured Walls | Beth Haley Design

A farmhouse sink pairs well with beadboard paneling in this farmhouse-inspired space brimming with character. Not only is it a material known for its good looks, but it is durable and easy to clean. 

Do you feel inspired to add texture to your walls? Let us know how we can help!


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