Formal dining rooms are interesting spaces in the home.  They, generally, aren’t used on a daily basis but they have the uncanny ability to hold all of the unopened mail, unread magazines, deserted backpacks and art projects that every family generates.  It’s so easy to clutter up a space that’s used twice a year because, why not?  It’s a big table that is calling out for a volcano science project extravaganza.  I think it’s time to take back the dining rooms of America and make them a space that is used more often than on Turkey day and that was my inspiration for my “faux-sho” dining room.  I decided to make a dining room that is beautiful and interesting and that won’t be ignored and it all started with the fabric.


I have been in love with this pattern from Schumacher fabrics for a very long time and I knew immediately that I would be using it in my dining room.  Big, bold patterns and vibrant colors can transform a space and this particular fabric has all of those attributes.  Not to mention, it has a dragon.  Hello, it’s a dragon.


Lighting is so important in a space and it is often overshadowed by furnishings and fabrics.   I wanted, no I needed, conversation pieces that also had the added benefit of lighting up the space.  The gilded tortoise shell wall sconces were the perfect combination of laid-back and glam and the pendant had the understated elegance that I needed to offset the other selections in the space.  Both selections are available thru BHD.


The large furniture pieces in this space are very electric.  I have a reversed silhouette grandfather clock, a reclaimed walnut dining table with an aged brass base and a console that is faux painted in a most artistic manner – a spilled stain over wood grain, tricking the eye and adding a playful and edgy feel.

Dining Table is from Hudson Furniture

Console is from Damien Gernay


Animal feet details on furniture have been around for a very long time but these arm chairs from Oly Studio have an Alice in Wonderland sensibility that aren't so serious.  Every room needs something quirky and a little bit left of expected.  I don’t always mix and match my dining chairs but in this case a little animal foot goes a long way. My choice of side chairs balance that –  a distressed rattan chair in teal.


Graphic and organic is what I was looking for in an area rug.  The pattern reminds me of sand dollars and anything that is ocean related is always a good choice.

Area Rug from Modern Rugs


A bright, ethereal 48″ x 48″ canvas adds a final note of intelligence and elegance: Point of Origin by Anna Jaap –  Acrylic, charcoal, and pastel on canvas.  The room is now ready for cold lemonade and afternoon snacks, ready to talk about how the kids' days were and share joys and concerns.  Or ready for a quiet evening for the grown ups, away from the television, enjoying each other's ideas.

Anna Jaap's work is available through Tinney Contemporary

All other Selections throughout are available through BHD.


Stay posted for the next room in our Faux-Sho House!