BHD’s Holiday Bazaar was a great success! We want to thank the local artisans who came out and displayed some really amazing stuff.

I chose my very favorite thing from each. All the artisans had such great stuff it was a hard decision. I think I chose well though!

Here’s a quick look at BHD’s Holiday Bazaar!!




Andewyn Jewelry  was right up my ally!! Andewyn Design’s tag line is “Recycled Rustic Metal Jewelry. Eco-friendly. Handmade.”

I LOVE this black and white necklace! You can find her stuff on Etsy by clicking on this picture!


Andewyn Designs


Southern Firefly Candle Co. had so many scents to choose from. Anywhere from a Lavender to a candle called Nashville. Unique names and great scents!

My favorite was Amber Oak. It was a musty, masculine, and sweet all at the same time.


Southern Firefly Candle Co.


Our very own, Jennefer Guthrie, had her ceramic productions at the Holiday Bazaar. STUDIObrooksie has wonderful ceramic pieces with a big meaning. Her work supports a variety of foundations while being inspired by them at the same time.

My favorite are these vases! They help plant a seedling! A donation is made to the Arbor Day Foundation with each sale.




Lemon Tree Paper Co. is a stationary company with big ambitions. They specialize in custom wedding invitations but are capable of making almost anything you can dream up out of paper.

I love these notepads to help keep your life organized! Everything Lemon Paper makes just has a special touch.


Lemon Tree Paper Co.


La Grange Etrange is jewelery made by another of our own,  Amy DeFigueiredo. Amy makes beautiful jewelry with so much thought and passion. Her jewelry pieces are truly unique.

My favorite of her pieces are these made with Rudraksha . 100% of the profits from the Rudraksha designs go to Ti Kay Haiti, a Tuberculosis/HIV AIDS clinic in Port au Prince.  Rudraksha seeds are considered sacred in Hindu religion and are used for both meditation and self- ornamentation. They’ll be available on Etsy around Thanksgiving.


La Grange Etrange


Walker Creek Toffee is yummy!! Their toffee and caramels are to die for! The toffee is just soft enough yet just hard enough, and his caramels are perfect.

My favorite are the Bourbon Caramels! Order your Christmas gifts today by clicking on the picture below!


Walker Creek Toffee


Jimmy Abegg is a local Nashville artist who is currently featured in our showroom. He is a painter, photographer, and musician. Words from Jimmy himself, “My art and photography are evidence of living a simple life of observation.” His pieces have movement, color, and life and invoke peace and simplicity in a space.

My favorite is this painting called “Zipper.”

Currently, available through BHD.


Jimmy Abegg

Thank you to everyone who came out to kick off the holiday season by supporting independent and local!  All of us at BHD had a blast with everyone!!