Spending more time inside our homes gives us a new perspective on everyday spaces — leaving many homeowners eager to edit their living spaces. And while you might not be ready to tackle a full renovation, prioritizing small changes in your home design is a simple and wallet-friendly way to invigorate your home décor. Today, Beth Haley gives us 4 simple ways to freshen up our homes. 

Invest in Window Treatments

4 Simple Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Dressing up windows with new blinds, shades, and drapes isn’t quite as easy as it seems. There is a long list of things to consider: color, fabric, hardware, and where to mount them. At Beth Haley Design, we are experts in the basics of interior decorating and our team of interior decorators can help guide homeowners in styling. Window treatments are practical and stylish elements of every room, so don’t overlook their importance. Once we decide what treatments work for your space, we can give guidelines on how and where to install them. 

Hang New Art (or Rehang Art)

4 Simple Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Finding the right pieces that bring personality and interest to the home is key. But how do you choose the perfect piece to make a statement? Buying art may seem intimidating to many, but we can help narrow down the options and source the right painting, print, or photograph for every room with empty walls. 

Declutter Bookshelves

4 Simple Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Curating a stylish bookcase can come with questions. How do you achieve a well-balanced design? Should you coordinate colors? What should be on display? Beth’s first piece of advice: “don’t put out anything you don’t absolutely love.” Then, have fun. Take a look at a few of our favorite well-styled bookshelves and let us know if we can lend a hand in picking out pieces to enhance your shelves. 

Liven Up the Living Room 

4 Simple Design Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Chances are, you are spending a lot of time in your living room right now — morning coffee on the couch, afternoons reading in the chair and evenings watching a family movie. It’s little surprise, then, that you have noticed it needs an update. Instead of buying all new furniture, consider swapping out the rug or pillows for a low-cost and low-maintenance solution. Another simple design trick? New lampshades. 

“During this time when we are all staying at home, there is a desire to create good-looking and livable spaces we can enjoy.  The Beth Haley Design team is continuing to provide design services to as many people as possible by moving our meetings from in-person to a video platform. We have been working hard to create this platform, which allows us to work with our clients in a way that is still personal and approachable,” explains Beth Haley. 

Whether you’re ready to start an in-depth redesign, just need a quick consultation, or want to explore options from our vendors, Beth Haley Design is here for you. Moving to a virtual system allows the design team to offer all of the same services and level of attention and care you’ve come to expect from Beth Haley Design’s interior decorators and designers. 


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