Hannah Masterson

Hannah understands the importance of order, art, music, light, color, texture, and beauty in the home as a way of elevating the quality of a family’s life.  She received a BFA in Interior Design from Watkins College of Art, Design, and Film.  She has been influenced deeply by the members of her own family who have worked  in the fields of architecture, music, culinary arts, environmentalism, and psychology.  Her father was a draftsman and a land surveyor who taught her to appreciate precision, clean lines, and a love of nature.   Her personal dwellings have included most every age of architecture, from a 200 year old log house to a modern suburban home.  She has worked in couture textiles, studied printmaking, and is passionate about sustainable design and lifestyles, engaging in these practices at home with her husband and two children in their arts and crafts bungalow in East Nashville.