With any luck, summer means escaping to the beach, the mountains, and destinations far and wide. As you pack, save some space in for items you can bring back to enrich your home. Doesn’t have to an expensive masterpiece, just something you love. Pottery from Portugal, carvings from Mexico, baskets from Georgia, seashells from Florida…there’s always room for curated memories in the home. Collections from travels create interesting focal points and bring some eclecticism that is sometimes hard to cultivate. It is all about the unexpected, unique, and inspiring. Some of our favorite possessions are from flea markets, hole in the wall shops, and other unremarkable yet remarkable summer destinations. Inspiration is everywhere!

Featured BHD Spaces: Collected from Afar

The followings rooms seem inspired by travel. The unique accessories, textiles, and prints are untraceable, unique, and add an interesting layer to the rooms they inhabit. Let’s take a look!

Hand painted tiles lend a rustic patina in this brand new kitchen. A little goes a long way! If you find a building material you love while you are away but don’t know how to source it, just make sure to snap a picture of it and we can help you track it down!

Sleek floating shelves are the perfect place to display collected items from near and afar. Here, we love how the antiqued statue resting above the modern workstation balances the space.  

Art is one of our favorite things to collect while we travel. Beautiful art helps make a house and home and building a travel collection over time is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We love how this client carried their collection into their master bath, one of the most beloved spaces in the home. 

Don't fear timelines! Even a gut renovation on a bathroom is executed with laser like percisi

The wallpaper in this powder room immediately transports guests to a world far away. Swedish textiles, french pastels, or Moroccan prints would be equally beautiful, it is all about what suits you and your home. Where do you want your imagination to take you?

Don't fear timelines! Even a gut renovation on a bathroom is executed with laser like percisi

This last example shows a quiet nook turned into a beautiful focal point. The collections of pottery and accessories plays off the texture of the brick and the cut of the hardwood doors. Elevate every corner or your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Featured Vendor: Lacefield Design

Lacefield Design is one of our newest obsessions! We’ve fallen in love with the unique patterns and cool color combinations; they are unexpected and joyful. The best part is, there is great variety to choose from, anything from globally inspired prints to more classic and traditional pieces. Pretty pillows for everyone!

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Featured Event: David Lusk Gallery

Luckily for those of us living in Nashville, we don’t have to travel far for inspiration this summer. We are eagerly awaiting Really?, the latest show put on by David Lusk Gallery. The exhibition is a collection of work from three different artists and features beautiful work that captures the imagination and explores reality. 

When: July 5 – 29th, Tuesday – Saturday 11am -5 pm

Where:: David Lusk Gallery, 516 Hagan Street, Nashville

Hot Topic: Interior Design’s “Most Popular”

Scrolling through Elle Decor’s 20 Most Popular Rooms on Instagram and Elle Decor’s The 10 Most Popular Pinterest Rooms of 2017…So Far, it is hard to find the “thing” that holds the groupings together. What is the common thread? 

Montana ski chalet to Tuscan country house, the pictures are all over the place. Different styles, different aesthetics, different everything. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, there is no rhyme or reason. 

Searching till we found a common denominator, we realized each image tells a story; Not a minimalist modern story but one replete with splendor. The best of the images are the ones with the most texture, layers, and character. Each image paints a portrait, either of the family that lives there or the fictional portrait the stylist was trying to portray. 

What does this mean for interior design? What does this mean for your home? Is opulence the new trend? Is more really more? While we may have started to ask more answers than we can answer this month, it is safe to say save room in your luggage for riches collected this summer from both near and far!

Stay tuned as we answer some of these questions next month. Till then, don’t forget to enjoy the journey!