Chances are if you have a green thumb you’ve already got a nice start on your summer garden space. Now it’s time to kick-back and enjoy that space. Here are a few of our favorite spaces!

We love the multiple layers of this layout!

The simplicity of the concrete planters shown here give a very calming feel to this space.

The popular trend of raised bed gardening is branching out from your typical expectations. Here are some we love!

What a welcoming view to come home to!

Another growing trend is the idea of a living wall. There are many ways to achieve this idea. From the very simple DIY project to the more expansive walls there is bound to be a wall that inspires you.

I love the idea of having a small herb garden on the wall in my kitchen.

For the DIY gardeners here is a simple way to make use of your vertical space outdoors. This idea is perfect for succulents.

If you have the space for a garden like this…..I'm jealous!

This massive garden is a labor of love!

With some open green space, a little elbow grease and patience you could be bringing in delicious goodies such as these!

What do you have planted this year?