You may have grown up hearing that it’s a mistake to mix metals in your home, but at Beth Haley Design, we disagree. Forget matchy-matchy! Combining different metals across furniture, hardware, lighting, and other fixtures is a great way to add visual interest and depth to a space.

Below are some of our favorite tips on how to mix metals in your home so you can achieve a look you’ll absolutely LOVE!

Mixing Metals in Your Home

– All photos are from projects by Beth Haley Design (BHD).

Choose complementary metals.

Choose a dominant metal to make up most of the finishes in the room. Next, choose one to two accent metals. Pay attention to the undertones of the metals you pick to help determine if they are harmonious.  In this example, the brass fixtures beautifully offset richly colored bronze.

Rust Light Fixture

Oak Hill Renovation

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Vary the finish of the metal.

Using a variety of sheens can make mixing metals even more visually interesting. We love to contrast soft, matte metals with shiny, reflective ones to add more distinction to the pairing.

Hardingwoods - Mixed Metals in Kitchen

West Meade: New Build

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Balance your finishes by visual height.

Think about balancing the mixed metals visually. Distribute finishes from floor to ceiling, using light fixtures, wall decor like mirrors and frames, faucets, pulls, and even some low-eye-level furniture. A balanced layout will make the pairings look and feel effortless.

bethhaleydesign 68 2

Bohemian Loft: Complete Renovation

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