November Newsletter – Spirit

Enthusiasm is contagious and we find ourselves inspired more than ever by the spirit of the holidays. Perhaps it was the rapid change of seasons we experienced this year, or maybe it was setting the clocks back a few weeks ago, but whatever the case, we’ve caught a serious spirit bug. Join us this month as we highlight styling tips to help create a festive, holiday home for you and yours. From all of us at Beth Haley Design, Happy Thanksgiving!

Featured Topic: Styling 101

Styling a showroom isn’t as easy as one might think. Neither is preparing for company. So how do we do it? Sure, we have a ton of options to
choose from and yes, we are always getting new things in, but the piece
of the puzzle nobody accounts for is how little planning you can really do in terms of when something will sell. Interior design, as many of you
know, takes planning. Careful planning. We labor over decisions for our
clients day in and day out creating contingency plans to the highest level of detail. If this drapery fabric and this sofa fabric, then this, this, and
this will work for pillow fabrics. It goes on and on. 

The showroom is more of a grab bag scenario. This chair, that end table, and this, this, and this pillow. When it comes down to it, having a showroom is a really big design challenge; how to make mix-matched pieces come alive. In the photo above you see many unique design pieces that could easily stand on their own come together and sing

One of the biggest secrets to creating an interesting composition is to find the right balance between shapes / masses (this is design speak for balancing furniture pieces). In the image above, we actually used a very traditional layout (sofa flanked by end tables paired with a mirrored set of chairs) but the result is a anything but ordinary. Look, an orange wall, not one but two abstract pieces of art, leather, velvet, silk, oh my! Yet, even with all the elements, the space feels grounded. Secure. The key is balancing the biggest pieces and creating unique, memorable moments with the accessories. 

Another secret is color coordination. Find a good color and stick to it! Here, we see perennial favorite BHD green come alive yet none of these pieces were purchased with the intent of creating this little vignette. We simply collect what we love, use what we have, and style, style, style. 

In this zoomed in image, we see the eclectic mix makes for an interesting arrangement but the color story ties the whole look together. 

Another unique aspect of having a showroom is the sheer abundance of stuff you have on hand that needs to be displayed. Here, we are basically running an operation that is the exact opposite of minimalism modern (even if that look is one of our jams). Beyond using design techniques like creating balance and telling color stories, we often find ourselves thinking in terms of texture, tone, and materials. What works together? What haven’t we seen before? What pairings surprisingly work together? Often, we get an idea in the showroom and use it as a spring board for design ideas down the road. 

Here, we highlight the purple in the painting in the choice of purple flowers. Design accident I think not! A sure fire way to create a nice, coordinated display is add fresh flowers in a color taken from the surrounding of your home. This means shopping intentionally for flowers and sometimes choosing the less obvious. 

The last piece of styling advice we want to parlay from our experience with the showroom is to not be afraid of color. Sometimes what you would never think would work on paper goes together in a flash. You might just create design magic with items you already had in your home. 

But as always, if you find yourself missing a few pieces or want to freshen things up with something new, you know where to find us! 

Featured Vendors: Artesia

We always leave High Point Market with a wish list longer than Santa’s but this past market, we really wanted to bundle everything from Artesia and take it back with us. They really captured a trend of now- lux raw materials- and gave it new life. Their displays were amazing and each element sung. 

Click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page for a cool 360 degree view of their showroom. It looks like the one from Spring 2018 not Fall 2018 but will still give you a good idea of the collection and the vibe they are trying to create though their brand. 

Featured Event: Antique picking party at GasLamp Antiques and GasLamp Too

Though GasLamp is always high on our list come holiday season for a one stop shop for finding thoughtful, unique gifts for everyone on our list, this year they are having a holiday shopping event we don’t want to miss! Shop both locations for special deals, holiday treats, and giveaway prizes. Honestly, don’t miss this easy-breezy chance to pickup lots of one of a kind objects from curated collections of the areas top dealers!

When: November 17
Time:10 a.m. to 6 p.m
Location: Both locations! GasLamp Antiques & GasLamp Too/100 and 128 Powell Pl

For more info click here!