In the fall, inspiration is everywhere. From the changing colors of nature to the tactile feel of the weather changing, there are many aspects of the exterior world to explore. At BHD, we’ve turned our attention to the interior worlds in which we live and focused our attention on art. Art on our walls, art on our clients walls, art throughout town, and art abroad. Nothing spikes our curiosity when we first walk into a room like a great painting and nothing brings more life to a room than a piece of art hanging on the wall. Hope you have a wonderful September and enjoy the most of the season, both outside and inside the home!

Featured BHD Spaces: Art in the Showroom

We are over the moon with the new art hanging in the showroom. Nothing like a fresh start to fall than filling our walls with work by some of our favorite Nashville artists! Sharing art with our clients is one of our great pleasures and we particularly enjoy spreading the love through the community!

36 X 48 each

Front and center, we have the perennial BHD favorite Yuri Figueroa. Right as you walk into the showroom, oversize abstract paintings await. We love the colors on the canvas and the way they highlight tones found throughout the showroom. Smart pillow pairings play up the artful combination and our glistening amber wall treatment couldn’t provide a better backdrop for the art. Don’t be afraid to make a strong statement through design in your home!

36 X 48

Some of you might remember reading about Yuri on a blog a few years ago. There we said ” Part of what attracts us to Yuri’s work is the use of color. We love his combinations and the movement of color through the canvas. We also find the texture of his painting very unique and pleasing. There is clear dimension on each painting, which is something we always look for when choosing art. When you can see crests, ridges, and valleys, it makes the painting so much more dynamic, as subtle variations are exposed from different angles.”.

18 X 24

We’ve been entranced by movement and flow in the latest batch of paintings. Each one is unique in its own way but clearly appear as part of a collection. The dragging technique creates otherworldly patterns and allow glimpses of color to pull through.

20 X 20

Our appreciation for Yuri’s work has only grown in the span of time and we are only more intrigued by his work. To read the full article, please click here.

11 x 14

The next batch of paintings are from another BHD favorite, Tiffany Clapp. We presented a show of her work a few years ago and are thrilled to have her work back in the showroom! The new work is vibrant, unique, and ultra unique. We simply can’t get enough!

18 x 24

Speaking to Tiffany about the work, we learned some of the methods used to create the look. It starts with acrylic paint, paint conditioner, and silicone. The combination allows the colors to separate and “depending on which technique you use to lay the colors out – with either cup, pour, or drag method you get the different types of marbling and cell structures”. The marbleization effect is such a unique look with paint, each painting different than the next.

14 x 18

Color is a major consideration with each piece as the technique is largely hard to control once gravity and the science of chemical changes take place! The combinations couldn’t be better through, natural transitions and color stories lend the paintings an organic feel, as if they were topography charts from different plants or from galaxies far away.

6 x 6

Though many of the pieces in the showroom are on the smaller side, Tiffany is gearing up to create larger works of art using the same techniques. We can’t wait to see the paintings and to share them with all of you! 

Featured Vendor: Lapchi

Lapchi specializes in creating custom, handmade rugs. Unlike mass produced items, each Lapchi creation is unique and has an unbelievable level of quality and appeal. Hand-made in Nepal by 20 artisans, the rugs are sustainably made and derived from “centuries of Art, Design, and Culture”. In addition, the company works with custom colors so there is truly nothing they can’t do. Click here for behind the scene photos from the production site in Nepal and click here for more info. 

Hot Topic: Are Phones the New Scrapbooks?

As designers, we do this constantly. Snapshots from the internet, from Instagram, Highpoint Market, you name it. Our phones are a treasure trove of inspiration waiting to be reopened. Taking a minute to review pictures from the past summer was a much needed reminder of just how busy the season actually was! Is it possible just a few months ago we were in Berlin looking through the galleries? It feels impossible but the photos are there as proof. Though our phones might not appreciate daily inundations of snapshots, we can’t imagine passing up the opportunity to document things we see that we don’t want to forget. 

Take artist Christine Streuli for example. Not till looking through the phone did the memories of her work and the gallery come back. Born in Switzerland, Steuli is a contemporary artist that is known for overlaying patterns and creating highly stylized abstract formations. Though her work is highly sought after in Europe, we have yet to see much of her stateside.

The best part of using your phone as a scrapbook is the luxury of revisiting objects long after you once saw them. You can capture a photo, anytime, anywhere, and know you can get back to it later. This is vital on busy trips when you don’t have time to dig deep into everything and there is much to see. The process can be laborious and time consuming but manageable when you take one picture, or one batch of pictures at a time. It might take months to get through the Berlin trip but we wouldn’t’ have it any other way.