Inspiration abounds everywhere, from the glossy pages of a magazine to colors in nature. Though interior designers spend their days as creative masterminds for various clients, even the most innovative designers can benefit from fresh ideas and inspiration every now and then. So, where does Beth Haley turn to when brainstorming new ideas and recharging her creative batteries? Read on to find out!

Where Does Beth Haley Find Inspiration?


There is so much to learn from nature when it comes to design. Turning to the natural world for inspiration is one of the simplest and most informative guides to follow and is always a good place to start when you are in a design rut. Whether you simply take a stroll in your neighborhood or embark on a waterfall hike, nature inspires design style, color palettes, use of material, and more.


Nature allows creative ideas to truly blossom.


Some of the best doses of inspiration come from travel. It’s always refreshing to absorb all the details in a new place, whether it’s a bustling European city or a small, sleepy beach town. Anything and everything can awaken your next brilliant idea — the landscaping, architecture, and even the street style.

Santorini Greece

In Santorini, minimalist style is combined with elements of traditional Greek island architecture and modern beauty.

Design Books 

When trying to unwind, Beth likes to relax with a good book in hand — preferably one with new perspectives on design ideas and work that features talented individuals around the globe. There is nothing quite as beautiful as a wonderfully curated book filled with stylish shots from professional photographers. Beth’s personal favorites include By Design: The World’s Best Contemporary Interior Designers and Katie Ridder: More Rooms.

BHD SummerReadingList8

Let visual candy fill you up with a well of new ideas as you turn each page.


Instagram is a fabulous way to keep up with product manufacturers, designers, builders, photographers, and artists. The design industry is all about what is pleasing to the eye and senses, which is why following different accounts with gorgeous photos can get your creative juices flowing. Here are some accounts Beth enjoys: @dryden_studio, @porterteleo, and @dwellmagazine.

Porter Teleo

Turn to Instagram for the latest and most up-to-date designs, products, and trends.

The creative workings of Beth Haley Design result in meaningful and livable spaces. Find what inspires you, and apply it to the design of your home.

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