Although trained to implement each design style, every designer has a style that is near and dear to their heart. For Beth Haley, that style is California contemporary. As Beth describes, “the style has its roots in mid-century modern design with a focus on absorbing the natural elements outside the home, a need to use architecture as art, a reliance on natural and sustainable materials, and a goal of providing open spaces throughout the home.”

“The feeling is simple yet bold, subtle yet sophisticated, and warm while striking emotion for those entering the space,” Beth continues.

Follow us as we deep dive into the elements that make up this style focused on relaxed living.

Inside meets Outside

A Closer Look at Contemporary Design
Images by Reeves Smith and Julia Steele for Nashville Interiors

The work of local architect Michael Murdock uses a wall of windows to bring a sense of nature into his Nashville contemporary ranch home and uses natural elements to make the home feel like it is rising from the earth. Feature by Nashville Interiors.

Architecture as art

Art meets architecture
Image by McGinn Photography for Beth Haley Design

“Contemporary architecture goes hand-in-hand with contemporary art,” Beth says, pointing to a space that aptly uses the home’s structural components to infuse art. A bit of pink paint draws the eye to the architectural detail in the windows. The results are stunning.

Sustainable and Natural Materials

Beth Haley Design | Interior Designer in Nashville

Using a mix of natural material such as grasscloth wallpaper and custom walnut cabinetry gives the room a casual and comfortable feeling that is warm and earthy.

Open Spaces

Beth Haley Design | Interior Designer in Nashville

Creating open spaces is a cornerstone in contemporary design. This dining room opens to the rest of the home as well as an outdoor space, which gives a place for the family to gather while maintaining a connection to nature.

Understanding the elements of this design style, one favorite by Beth Haley herself, can help you decide if it is the right design style for you. Learn more about other design styles here.


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