For many, the bathroom provides a sanctuary where you can enjoy a relaxing bath or do your nightly routine. At Beth Haley Design, we think your bathroom’s design should reflect your personal style since you’re the one enjoying the space.

Today, we are sharing simple bathroom upgrades, from painting your vanity to adding storage space and wall murals.

Bathroom Design Ideas for a Quick Upgrade

– All photos are from projects by Beth Haley Design (BHD).

Paint Your Vanity

To quickly revamp your bathroom, update your vanity’s cabinetry with a colorful shade. Adding a fun color to your bathroom is a great way to refresh old cabinetry, and it’s even more impactful if you swap out the existing hardware as well. For a more dramatic look, try a deep, saturated shade.

Stefani BHD 25

While deep blue cabinets might overpower a large living room, the color can shine in the smaller confines of a bathroom.

Add Extra Storage Space

Sturdy, aesthetically pleasing storage shelves should be a priority in your bathroom. Keep washcloths and towels on the lower shelves, and stick your non-essentials up higher.

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This bathroom’s additional shelving makes for a sleek and clean aesthetic.

Make It Feel Luxurious

You can bring the spa experience to your home with simple, luxurious touches. This bathtub area is instantly upgraded with the addition of a gorgeous plant, fragrant candles, and a wooden bathtub tray, perfect for an afternoon soak. We wouldn’t mind that glass of champagne, either!

BethHaleydesign Beth WoodardProject 67

This bathroom setup makes us want to wind down and relax with a book at the end of a busy day.

Commission a Wall Mural

Bathrooms are a great place to make a big impact. Consider adding a fun wall mural, and experiment with bright colors and visually interesting designs. This client commissioned a friend and local artist to paint a mural, giving them no direction and full creative freedom!


This bathroom is both playful and sophisticated, thanks to the addition of this spirited wall mural.

Enjoy the holiday season and all of the togetherness it brings — and contact us for more bathroom design tips!


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