In planning a bathroom renovation, there is one question to consider: are you ready for a full overhaul, or is your space in need of a few small upgrades? Either way, your vanity is the key to a functional design. Vanities offer storage space and counter space while setting the tone for your bathroom interiors. Whether you lean modern or traditional, we have bathroom inspiration for you. Take a look at these Beth Haley Design bathroom renovations to get ideas for your next bathroom renovation project.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas with Show-Stopping Vanities 

A single sink Bathroom Renovations with Show-Stopping Vanities | Beth Haley Design

Make a statement with a statement sink! This single sink sits atop a simple black-and-white vanity that matches the black-and-white wallpaper. This bathroom renovation resulted in a two-toned dream. 

Pretty Pedestal Bathroom Renovation with a Show-Stopping Vanity

In a powder room, you don’t need to prioritize storage. Save space with a single pedestal sink reserved for handwashing. Just make sure you save a place for handsoap and hang a hook for a hand towel. 

Statement color Bathroom Renovations with Show-Stopping Vanities | Beth Haley Design

Function and storage are not the only essential elements in a bathroom renovation — style and statement-making design matter, too. Beth Haley loves to incorporate color and personality in the bathroom with paint, wallpaper, and tile. 

Double the fun Bathroom Renovation with a Show-Stopping Vanity

This minimalist bathroom boasts storage space in a dual vanity that sits below an oversized round mirror. Open shelving, coupled with closed cabinets, gives this vanity an updated look. 

Smart storage

Bathroom Renovations with Show-Stopping Vanities | Beth Haley Design

Again, Beth employs a combination of hidden and open storage to add an elevated design element to her bathroom renovations. The drawers and cabinets are reserved for clutter, and the open shelves display decorative objects. 

Traditional Style 

Bathroom Renovations with Show-Stopping Vanities | Beth Haley Design

Vanities come in all varieties, but a traditional design never goes out of style. If you want to start your day in a bright, clean space, consider greys and whites as the primary colors in your bathroom renovation. 

Blue mood

Bathroom Renovation with a Show-Stopping Vanity

If you need a little help waking up in the morning, choose an energizing color for your bathroom. These countertops are a welcomed alternative to the classic white marble option. 

Floating vanity 

Bathroom Renovations with Show-Stopping Vanities | Beth Haley Design Minimal square footage in a bathroom isn’t a deal-breaker. Make the most of your small quarters with a wall-mounted vanity that delivers an open and airy feel to the design.

Maximum storage

Bathroom Renovation with a Show-Stopping Vanity

Extra storage is necessary for homeowners who like to stock up on products and linens. If you want to hide the clutter and keep your organization systems hidden, open shelving isn’t for you. Beth Haley’s first question to clients is, “how do you use your space?” This helps her determine just how much storage (and what kind) you need. 

Ready to start your bathroom renovation? Beth Haley Design is here to help! 


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