Perhaps as important as any other decision you make in your home is the choice countertops — and it is not a choice that should be made lightly. When deciding whether to go with marble or quartz in a waterfall or chiseled-edge style, the list of things to consider is long. How will it hold up to daily use? Is it stain-resistant? Would you prefer a classic countertop material, such as marble, or something more unexpected, like metal? Does it bring the drama your space deserves?

Beth Haley urges all homeowners to explore these questions before making a commitment. And remember, there are pros and cons to the different types, colors, and installation methods. Explore the application of metal, quartz, marble, and wood countertops with chiseled and waterfall edges below in striking spaces by Beth Haley Design.

Chiseled Edge

What the Consider When Choosing Countertops
Designers favor chiseled edge countertops in spaces that inspire a more natural or rustic atmosphere and the application of a chiseled edge works well in this pantry.


What the Consider When Choosing Countertops
We juxtaposed rich walnut countertops with all-white cabinets in this stylish laundry room. While wood isn’t always recommended for a classic kitchen design, it works well in smaller spaces, such as this.


Unusual Countertop Materials That Impress
Decidedly chic, this powder room makes a case for metal countertops. Covering the countertop, as well as the backsplash and apron, the metal pairs well with the industrial-style hardware to create a subtle yet dramatic look. The homeowners were also bold enough to use metal on their kitchen peninsula.
Beth Haley Design | Interior Designer in Nashville
The metal countertop ties the overall design of this space together. This personality-packed kitchen is brimming with thoughtful details that reflect the homeowner’s unique tastes.


Can you get more luxurious than a marble waterfall countertop?
Cascading down the sides of a stately island, marble countertops make a statement in this white-and-gray kitchen that oozes luxury. Subtle veining introduces shades of gray, a color Beth tied into the design with the tile backsplash and fixtures.
A contemporary kitchen with crisp design
Here, waterfall countertops in crisp-white quartz flow to the floor and introduce a contemporary design style to the space. The simplicity of the countertops is balanced by the warmth of the natural wood.


Don't overlook the countertops in your bathroom.
Preferred for its durability, quartz is a common choice for homeowners. It doesn’t require sealing; it doesn’t stain; it doesn’t scratch and it doesn’t scorch. Also, it mimics the luxurious qualities of marble without the upkeep.
A quartz tub is a stand-out design feature in the master bathroom.
Quartz, shown here in a bathroom as a surround for the soaking tub, fits in any space — bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. Above all, you can’t beat its low maintenance quality and you certainly can’t argue how stylish it looks in a contemporary design.


Marble in the bathroom delivers the luxury you deserve
A material more prone to damage, marble stains and scratches easily, so it requires care. Nevertheless, it is perhaps the trendiest of all countertop materials and is revered for its poshness and the style it brings to a space.
What the Consider When Choosing Countertops
Try marble in the bathroom, where it won’t experience as much wear-and-tear as it will in a kitchen. The upscale material is just what you need in a lavish master bathroom, so keep that in mind during your next remodel.

For the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, which countertop style would you choose? If you need help deciding, we’d be happy to help!


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