Color Ideas to Inspire Your Next Home Makeover

The colors you choose for your home can really set the tone for the entire design and the finished space, whether you go for a bright jewel-box feel, a sultry, dramatic ambiance, or a light and serene retreat.

When choosing your color scheme, keep the style of your space in mind. Is your home sleek and modern with clean lines, or is it traditional with more ornate features? Modern spaces pair well with specific colors — think pretty pastels, crisp whites, and bolder, vibrant hues. Traditional spaces look great paired with nearly any color! It’s up to you whether you want to make a statement or not. (Take note that around here, we love making statements — especially with color.)

Need inspiration? Take a look at some of our recent projects!

– All photos are from projects by Beth Haley Design (BHD).


Other shades of green can bring an energetic feel to a space, but a blue-green shade such as teal evokes a sense of calmness and sophistication. Perfect for a home office! 

Stefani BHD 40


Pink has taken center stage in recent interior design trends. The romantic and feminine shade can take the place of a neutral color, such as beige or white. 

Interior Designer Nashville

Baby Blue

This pale baby blue kitchen is both playful and airy, creating an aura of relaxation in a place that can often be bustling with action.

Stefani BHD 36


Nothing adds contrast and drama quite like black. In this bathroom, black-painted walls provide the perfect backdrop for the gold fixtures, walnut cabinets and deco-inspired gold floor tile.

Black Bathroom

We hope we have provided plenty of color inspiration to get you started! Here’s to a colorful New Year!


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