It appears that we will continue to enjoy the comfort and safety of our homes as the new year begins and as the temperatures drop, our couches will become the coziest place to escape the elements. Before choosing the perfect sofa, consider how it will be used. Will it be well-loved by kids and pets?  Do you like to lounge, or do you need more formal seating? Your couch needs to accommodate your lifestyle, budget, and space, so decide if you should opt for a sectional with enough room for the entire family to binge-watch your favorite shows or choose something more formal and classic. If you need living room design inspiration, scroll through the list of couches that Beth Haley Design selected for clients. 

6 Couch Ideas for Your Living Room Design

Neutral, But Not Boring

6 Couch Ideas for Your Living Room Design | Beth Haley Design

Couches come in all shapes, sizes, fabrics, and budgets. This neutral couch rounds out a midcentury modern design, and the clean lines allow other furniture to shine. Plus, pillows in Beth Haley’s favorite color add personality to the couch. 

Simple Sectional

6 Sofa Ideas for Your Design | Beth Haley Design

If your living space is large, a sectional will feel right at home. This timeless design is everything your living room needs to be cozy and comfortable. Plus, there is a roomy armchair for those who enjoy their personal space.

Luxe Leather

6 Sofa Ideas for Your Living Room Design | Beth Haley Design

Leather couches are the easiest way to add a masculine air to your living space. Beth Haley is an expert in layers, and this cozy living room is no exception. Rich texture and deep browns create year-round warmth, and the couch welcomes long days of lounging. 

Two Couches Are Better Than One

6 Couch Ideas for Your Living Room Design | Beth Haley Design

If you need maximum seating space but don’t have the layout for a sectional, consider two couches. This living room is a study in symmetry, with matching couches and armchairs, plus built-ins. 

Colorful and One-Of-A-Kind

6 Couch Ideas for Your Design | Beth Haley Design

As we mentioned, couches come in a variety of styles — and a variety of color combinations. Rarely do we meet a client who is willing to move away from naturals towards something as bright and cheerful as this couch. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your sofa! 

A Sofa To Suit Every Style

6 Couch Ideas for Your Living Room Design | Beth Haley Design

This modern leather sectional is a winning combination of masculine and feminine.  It’s not easy to find a piece of furniture so versatile, and it fits perfectly in this dreamy space. 

Are you ready to upgrade your couch? Beth Haley Design is here to help you in the selection process, so let us know how we can help! 


To keep our design team and clients safe and happy, we continue to limit the in-person meetings at the Beth Haley Design studio. In the meantime, Beth Haley Design continues to be a resource for interior design services and a source of inspiration. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our virtual interior design services during these stay-at-home times.


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