At Beth Haley Designs, we love color and we love Boho design, the aesthetic that instantly makes you feel cozy and calms the frantic pace of the outside world. Today, we’re showcasing five Instagram accounts that make us smile as we scroll, scroll, scroll – finding inspiration along with all the feels.

Boho Project

One of our newest Boho projects has us inspired to share our favorite Bohemian-inspired Instagram accounts.

So, what makes the boho look? It’s when color and warmth come together layered with different styles, textures and accents. Art, plants, modern and antiques. It’s a rich combination that instantly makes you feel comfortable. It’s design that beckons you to stay longer, laugh louder and gather more.

The boho look is unapologetically eclectic with unique colors and many layers … it’s the home that tells a story about the owner without any words being spoken. 

With a heavy emphasis on eco-friendly items, handmade and natural elements, the Boho look can be achieved at a variety of price points and levels of sophistication. 

Enjoy these five Boho Instagram accounts – even if this isn’t your vibe, we bet there’s still ones that will add some style and smiles to your daily scroll!


This Connecticut based designer loves bold color and functional design as much as we do! We love her bright Instagram grid because each post truly tells a story and eludes to her charming personality.

Boho Instagram Account – Jessica Brigham

Jessica Brigham is like minded to us – unique and colorful! Image: Jessica Brigham

Jessica Brigham Instagram Account

Her gorgeous home features bold prints and stunning colors! Image: Jessica Brigham


Jody Lee is the owner of a Bohemian-style art and pillow shop. She also has a gorgeous home that exudes a Boho-chic style that we just adore. In her Instagram feed, Jody features striking projects by an array of designers that leaves us inspired!

Instagram Boho Accounts We Love

We love the effortless mix of patterns in this gorgeous Boho home. Image: Jody Lee

Bohemian Instagram Accounts

Two words: Bohemian Tile. We’re in! Image: Jody Lee


Living in New Orleans gives you an interesting perspective on Boho living. Alyse Rodriguez shares her home and beautiful designs on her Instagram account and we’re thankful for that! From intriguing colors to sustainable living, Alyse is a woman after our own heart.

Alyse Rodriguez Bohemian IG Account

A Boho take on Christmas decor? Count us in. Image: Alyse Rodriguez

Alyse Rodriguez Bohemian Home

Give us all the gorgeous patterns and interesting elements. Image: Alyse Rodriguez


Katie Mack has an eye for vintage, Boho design that leaves us wanting more. This California artist shares her colorful home on her Instagram account and her constantly evolving decor is intriguing, leaving us always wanting to see what her next post will be.

Katie Mack Boho Instagram Accounts

The perfect marriage of Boho and vintage lives in Katie Mack’s beautiful abode. Image: Katie Mack

Katie Mack Boho Instagram Accounts

No detail is overlooked in this colorful Instagram account! Image: Katie Mack


This Boho home design account has almost 500,000 followers and for good reason! Featuring neutral and bright designs from homes around the world, this Instagram feed is one to keep up with.

Boho Instagram Accounts

Sometimes Boho design isn’t colorful, and we’re still here for it when it’s done well! Image: @sevenfivemeri

Boho Instagram Accounts

Cozy vibes are something we love about Boho design. Image: @madeleineshouse72

The aesthetically-pleasing look of the Boho design trend is one that we simply adore. There are so many interesting and creative ways to achieve the Boho look, but it all comes down to a personalized design. Get inspired by these Instagram accounts and make sure you’re following our Instagram account here.

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