We love original art!

Even better, we love art from artists who we know and admire. When these pieces hang on our clients’ walls, they get to know all about the artist and the art comes alive in a whole new way. Ideally, art is beyond the visual impact; it’s the story behind the art and the feeling it conveys.

Art is joy.

As a Nashville interior design firm, we’re spoiled to be in a region rich with talented artists. While we are always discovering new artists, we have a few who we turn to time and time again. Today, meet four Nashville artists that you’ll be glad to know!

Tiffany Clapp

She simply does it all. A photographer, artist, traveler, curator, shop owner – the list goes on and on. We’ve had the pleasure of working with the incredibly talented Tiffany Clapp on several occasions so we speak from experience when we say how amazing and lovely she truly is. Her creativity and passion for work is evident in everything she creates!

Nashville Artists You Need To Know – Tiffany Clapp

Image: Tiffany Clapp

Yuri Figueroa

A filmmaker and audiovisual artist, Yuri Figueroa, is a beloved local, Nashville artist with an impressive resume. With exhibitions dating back to 2010, Yuri has solidified himself as a well-respected artist and filmmaker. Yuri’s expansive collection of thought provoking art is one of the many reasons he’s made a name for himself in our local art industry and beyond.

Nashville Artists You Need to Know

Modern abstract art is one of Yuri’s many talents. Image: Yuri Figueroa

Wendy Walker Silverman

This Nashville artist is truly one-of-a-kind. With paintings in collections throughout the United States, Wendy Walker Silverman’s keen eye for art and design makes her stand out among the crowd. We’ve always enjoyed working with Wendy on custom pieces for projects as she truly excels in blowing away all of our expectations as well as our clients’.

Nashville Artists to Know - Wendy Walker Silverman

This Wendy Walker Silverman piece is displayed proudly in one of our recently completed projects.

Angela Simeone

A local artist with experience in paintings and wallpaper design, Angela Simeone is the quintessential Nashville artist. Having had her own private studio for 14 years, Angela excels in her profession thanks to her endless talent and charming personality. Angela’s artwork is bold, colorful, and emotive – all the elements that makes art so essential to any home.

Nashville Artists To Know

We love how Angela doesn’t shy away from bold strokes and vibrant colors. Image: Angela Simeone

Nashville is home to some of the most creative, interesting people in the South. We love following these artists as they provide endless inspiration and continue to remind us why we’re so passionate about what we do. We hope you find the same joy today in these talented Nashville artists!

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