Going out for drinks or grabbing a coffee on-the-go isn’t as commonplace today as it was three months ago. Our homes have become bars, coffee shops, restaurants, offices, daycare centers — and that is only the beginning. While this new way of life has proposed challenges, it always comes with perks: shorter lines, lower prices, and complete customization. Drinking at home, whether it be your morning coffee or an evening cocktail, is effortless with a fully-stocked home bar. If you have the space to build a bar in your kitchen or living room, consider making it a necessary element for your next renovation. If you are limited on space and resources, take advantage of available countertop and cabinet space. Either way, you can create a quality bar area to suit your drinking needs.

We’ve gathered some home bar ideas from past Beth Haley Design renovation projects to inspire your next home update. 

The multifunctional home bar

6 Ideas for Home Bars | Beth Haley Design

Fill any empty nook with fresh cabinetry that can hold glassware, spirits, and coffee grounds. By adding a small bar sink, this space becomes easy-to-use for anything and everything. If you don’t want to keep your cocktail fixin’s on display, keep them hidden in the cabinets until the guests arrive.

Small but mighty 

6 Ideas for Home Bars | Beth Haley Design

You don’t have to sacrifice a lot of square footage for your at-home bar. Enough counter space to mix a cocktail, a mini-fridge to keep the wine cool, and a few shelves to store the goods are all you need. 

A countertop coffee bar

6 Ideas for Coffee and Cocktails Bars at Home | Beth Haley Design

Proudly display your luxury coffee machine and mugs on a countertop coffee bar. Dedicate enough space for a setup that is purposeful and easy-to-use; avid coffee drinkers will appreciate the easy access to their morning cup of Joe. 

Full-size home bar

Attention, Entertainers! | Beth Haley Design

In this home, Beth Haley Design took advantage of an empty wall to install a full-size home bar complete with a wine fridge, display shelves, storage, and a sink. A chandelier elevates the already-stylish design.  

A home bar for coffee lovers

Drink coffee at home — in style | Beth Haley Design Again, kitchen counter space is dedicated to a home coffee bar with an espresso machine on full display. Here, open shelving gives a casual feel to the design and offers space to showcase mugs and a French press.  

A not-so-mini bar

6 Ideas for Home Bars | Beth Haley Design


The last home bar on our list is a favorite for its clever use of space and its functionality. With all of the necessary components in place, this not-so-mini bar accommodates all of your drinking (and entertaining) needs. 

If you are ready for a basement or kitchen renovation, consider adding a home bar to your design. Otherwise, look for a bar cart, console table, or bookshelf to act as a smaller (but still functional) home bar. Either way, be sure to use these examples for inspiration and give us a call if you need a hand. 


Like many of you, we are navigating a new work situation in light of the current events. In an effort to keep our design team and clients safe and happy, we have decided to limit the in-person meetings at the Beth Haley Design studio. In the meantime, Beth Haley Design will continue to be a resource for interior design services, as well as a source of inspiration. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our virtual interior design services during these stay-at-home times.


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