At Beth Haley Design, we are particularly fond of the in-between spaces — hallways, entryways, and overlooked nooks and crannies. These often-forgotten areas of your home probably haven’t received as much attention as, say, the living room and kitchen but well-designed entryways that welcome guests to your well-designed home and hallways decorated with care and consideration will help your home feel complete. After you’ve prioritized functionality and flow in your recent kitchen remodel, chosen the perfect clawfoot tub for your bathroom renovation, and landed on the world’s most comfortable couch for your new living room, turn to the hallway. Finding the right furniture and art pieces to bring personality into these small spaces are the first steps.

Use these tips from Beth Haley Design to decorate a hallway or entryway worth showing off.

Sneak in extra storage.

Take these tips to heart when selecting pieces for your hallways and entryways. | Beth Haley Design

Baskets are a simple storage solution for hallways and an easy way to hide the clutter while introducing texture to your vignette. Oversized baskets can be used for toys, blankets, and extra pillows. Be sure to tuck them under a sleek console; otherwise, they will look misplaced. Another tip: don’t be afraid to incorporate personality into the design; art is an easy way to accomplish this.

Make the most of your space. 

Easily impress your guests when they step inside your home. | Beth Haley Design

Even if your home isn’t designed to include a grand entryway, you can still create a welcoming area. Skip a large console if you are short on space. Instead, focus on creating a wow moment for guests to take in as they enter your home. In this entryway, the eye immediately travels to colorful accents and exciting architectural features in the design.

Choose impressive art pieces. 

Take these tips to heart when selecting pieces for your hallways and entryways. | Beth Haley Design

We’d be delighted to greet this musical fellow each time we move from room to room — wouldn’t you? Choose art that creates natural transitions between spaces and pair it with a piece of furniture for a finished look. A comfortable bench gives guests a special place to linger during your next cocktail party, and a small basket is a smart place to stash blankets.


Don’t forget about the backdoor. 

Don't forget these areas in your home! | Beth Haley Design

If friends and family regularly use your back entrance, make it an area that you’re proud to show off. Here, chaos can hide behind closed cabinet doors, so the space stays free of clutter. We are smitten with the practical addition of a farmhouse-style sink and pet feeding area. The barn door opens to reveal a small powder room.

Give a good first impression.

Take these tips to heart when selecting pieces for your hallways and entryways. | Beth Haley Design

You’ve heard it before: the entryway sets the tone for your home’s design. Introduce your design style with a stylish setup that doesn’t include piles of coats and corners crowded with shoes and backpacks. Instead, design the space to match the rest of your home. Again, art can make a significant impact, and a console completes the look. You can’t go wrong with a soft rug, either.

Take these tips to heart when selecting pieces for your hallways and entryways.



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