When decorating a small space in your home, it can be challenging to place furniture properly, choose the right paint colors, and prioritize function. Here at Beth Haley Design, we say, challenge accepted.

Just because an area is small doesn’t mean you can’t think big. Adding splashes of color is a fun way to transform your smaller spots without adding too much clutter. Additionally, you should make the most of natural light, find the right furniture (aka pieces that fit), and think of solutions for smart storage. If you have limited square footage in the kitchen, bathroom, or entryway, don’t skimp on style and design. Start with a plan that incorporates your needs and personal preferences; the result will be a design that focuses on function and doesn’t sacrifice on style.

Need more tips? Scroll through the Beth Haley Design projects below to glean inspiration from kitchen renovations, bathroom remodels, and other small spaces that make a big impact.

Add a mirror to create the illusion of more space.

Small Space, Big Impact | Beth Haley Design

When you are limited in square footage, only the necessities make the cut. Your must-haves in a powder room renovation include a vanity with a sink, a toilet, and storage. Choose a vanity with built-in drawers for easy and hidden storage, bring in enough light with an overhead fixture or sconces, and let a mirror trick the mind into thinking the room is bigger than it is. As always, you have options. You can choose a floating vanity or one with feet to make a bathroom feel larger, or you can select pieces that fill the room — just as our designers did here.

Don’t waste an inch.

Small Spaces, Big Impact | Beth Haley Design

Don’t let any areas in your home go unused. There is always a solution for small, awkward spaces. In this kitchen redesign, Beth Haley Design used a previously forgotten corner as a small bar and extra storage space. The bar design blends seamlessly with the kitchen design, so the two areas work together as one. Using glass-front cabinets at the top tricks you into thinking space is larger than it is. Light colors also prevent this area from fading into the background.

No mudroom, no problem.

How to Make a Big Design Impact | Beth Haley Design

Just because you don’t have an oversized mudroom with room to hide bags, spare shoes, and raincoats, doesn’t mean you can’t create a storage solution that works for you. Opt for something built-in, so the design looks intentional. Here, the shelving leaves room for the whole family to drop their belongings when they walk in the backdoor. This mudroom isn’t a room at all, but it still keeps things tidy.

Don’t steer away from color in a small space.

Small Spaces, Big Impact | Beth Haley Design

Although we all dream of large kitchens with an oversized island and enough room to host a party, some homes have limited space — and that’s okay. This condo makes the most of the square footage with a thoughtfully designed kitchen. Black and white are the primary colors here, but a green backsplash brings personality, and patterned wallpaper adds interest.

When in doubt, add extra seating.

How to Make a Big Design Impact | Beth Haley Design

You can never have too many sitting areas in your home. If you find yourself with an empty corner, consider adding a table and a few chairs. In a living room, this can be a game table and comfortable seating. In a kitchen, it can be a small breakfast area ideal for casual meals. In this small kitchen, a bright corner became home to a dining table with enough room for three to enjoy a cup of coffee. Again, color brings life to the small space.

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