So you love rooms with live plants? You are not alone. We are firmly in that camp and houseplants have never been more popular. They add instant texture and the life of a plant adds life to a room. You simply feel better in a room that has some plants in it!

We definitely think that every room in the house can benefit from a live plant. However, it may be more manageable to focus that effort toward your main rooms as plants do require maintenance. Between watering, repotting, and fertilizing, what do you do if you don’t have a green thumb, or you simply don’t have a lot of extra time?

As an interior design firm that always wants to add function to your space, it’s our job to know what plants are the easiest to maintain. We are super busy, so we definitely understand the need for plants that will survive a distracted homeowner!

Therefore, when you want all the fresh air and happy vibes that come from houseplants, but you need a few options that are forgiving to busy people without green thumbs, we’ve got you covered.

And, in case you are looking for a list of places to shop for these plants in Nashville, we are particularly fond of the following plant stores. Hopefully one of these is located near you and by purchasing here, you are supporting local, which we always love to do!

Here are our top 8 picks for easy to care for houseplants:

– All images are examples of work by Beth Haley Design.


Open concept family room and kitchen by Beth Haley Design, Nashville Interior Designer

For this open concept kitchen and family room, we use some of our favorite and easy-to-care for plants like the fern (in the brass planter to the left of the sectional sofa), the white orchid on the side table, and the succulent accent on the plush ottoman.


ORCHID plants in a kitchen nook by Beth Haley Design, Nashville Interior Designer

Not all orchids need to be white! This blush one, with accents of chartreuse, is the perfect complement in this kitchen space. A tip for watering orchids: add three ice cubes per week to the base of the plant. Orchids like that slow melt of water coming in. Super simple!


SHAMROCK PLANT near kitchen sink by Beth Haley Design, Nashville Interior Designer

Choose purple or green shamrocks for an easy plant to keep alive. Plus, who doesn’t need a little extra good luck?!


SUCCLULENTS in a kitchen by Beth Haley Design, Nashville Interior Designer

Succulents accent this kitchen counter space along with some fresh cut blooms. There is a reason succulents are so popular, they are drought resistant and forgiving!

Snake Plant:

Beautiful warm kitchen by Beth Haley Design, Nashville Interior Designer

The snake plant, seen peeking out of the bottom left of this kitchen photo, is a popular plant both on the ground, as seen here, and on tabletops.

Pothos and Umbrella Plants:

Beth Haley Design beautiful, modern entryway! Nashville Interior Designer

Little Pathos plants line the stairs and the large plant on the landing is an umbrella plant. Both of these varietals thrive indoors.


Modern, comfortable living room by Beth Haley Design

This modern, functional living room is accented with a beautiful palm.

Having a beautiful space that is functional and healthy is what we are all about, and plants are definitely a part of that!


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