Yellow should not be overlooked when it comes to adding color to your décor. Blues and greens are more commonly used in interior design while yellow can feel more fitting for accent pieces or citrus fruit — but we challenge you to consider this bright color for your next redesign. From creamy corn to mustard to lemon, yellow belongs on your sofa and your walls, in your closet, on your table, and even on your front door. Of course, such a bold shade should be used sparingly and smartly. The bold color pairs best with greys and neutrals, but we’ve seen it live alongside pink, greens, light blue, teal, and even cherry red. It brings warmth and dimension, so don’t be shy.

Whether gearing up for a redesign or just looking for inspiration, you’ll be delighted to see why Beth Haley can’t stop crushing on this fun color. 

Yellow Design Inspiration

Mud Australia makes simple, durable, and beautiful dishware in a range of hues — including this delicious shade of yellow. Paired with the tablecloth and backdrop, this dishware is a yellow lover’s dream. 

Color Crush: Yellow | Beth Haley Design

Often, Beth Haley uses yellow as an accent color to bring brightness into an otherwise neutral space. Here, the color (found in the stools, accent piece, and art) pops against an all-white background. 

Beth Haley Design | Interior Designer in Nashville

Another simple way to introduce the color into your design: fresh flowers. Beth Haley completed this color-soaked design with a simple bouquet. We love the way the yellow plays with the reds and pinks, and we’d even consider adding a yellow centerpiece that lives forever. The Color We Can't Get Enough Of | Beth Haley Design

This yellow skirt inspired us to add more yellow pieces to our wardrobe. Nothing can brighten a drab and dreary day quite like a bright, playful skirt. Plus, it only makes sunny days that much more fun. Color Crush: Yellow | Beth Haley Design

Taking a risk to incorporate a yellow couch as a focal point was a risk that paid off for this daring homeowner. As we mentioned, the color pair perfectly with greys. How much more evidence do you need?

Smart ways to use color | Image by Aneta Pawlik

Image by Aneta Pawlik

A little yellow goes a long way. The not-to0-bright shade of yellow frames the windows and doorway for a look that is show-stopping. We wouldn’t mind calling this Austrian home our own. 

Color Crush: Yellow | Beth Haley Design

The color of this wallpaper lives somewhere between yellow and green, and it creates an accent wall in a walk-in closet. Again, greys and neutrals work well with the color to create a cohesive color scheme. 

Are you willing to add a touch of yellow to your space? Don’t be color-shy. Instead of an all-yellow room, start with something simple, like fresh flowers. You can work your way up to an accent wall.  


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