Has there ever been a two year period where people have lived so FULLY in their homes? You likely know your home better now than you ever have before. You know what you love and you know what you want to change.

As we look into 2022, interior design trends have been accelerated by people’s deep knowledge of how their home functions and how they want it to feel. It’s not only to show off to their friends, it’s about how it nourishes your daily life, which is what we, at Beth Haley Design (BHD), are all about! 

All photos are original from BHD projects.

Top Interior Design Trends for 2022

The Return of Color

Color is back, and we couldn’t be happier! We’re seeing a huge shift of people shifting their design tastes from all white, neutral houses to vibrant, bold homes. We are personally over the moon about this trend and we love helping our clients marry the perfect colors and patterns. Don’t be surprised when you see blue and green hues taking over Pinterest. These calming colors will be incorporated throughout the home, and we can’t wait to see this come to life!

Top Interior Design Trends 2022 - Crestridge Project - Beth Haley Design

Gone are the days of shying away from color! Bold, cohesive design will be all the rage in 2022.

Emphasis on Offices

Working from home isn’t going anywhere soon, so home offices aren’t either. We’re seeing more and more people turning nooks and spare bedrooms into personalized offices. These spaces should be comfortable and functional! From supportive furniture to soothing colors and art, home offices are transforming the way people work remotely in an amazing way.

Top Interior Design Trends 2022 - Beth Haley Designs Home Office

Having a functional, peaceful home office will see a huge emphasis in 2022.

Private Nooks

Rethinking the idea of open concept will definitely have its moment in 2022. Carving out private spaces, corners, and nooks throughout the home to read, study, and work will be more prevalent than ever. Since we all spent more time at home over the past two years, homeowners are welcoming the idea of private spots to relax, regroup, and recharge. 

Top Interior Design Trends 2022 - Beth Haley Design Primrose Project Nook

Cozy nooks tucked in throughout the home provides effortless functionality and privacy.

Functional Outdoor Spaces

We’re spending more and more time enjoying the great outdoors – even if that’s just from our porch. Creating beautiful outdoor spaces, from comfortable porch furniture to beautiful landscaped lawns, is more important than ever.

Top Interior Design Trends 2022 - Crestridge Project – outdoor

Everything from eye-catching landscaping to comfortable outdoor seating will gain more attention than ever in 2022.

A Spin on the Classics

Wallpaper is back and better than ever! With a much needed update to accommodate modern living, beautiful wallpaper is making a triumph return. With bold patterns and gorgeous colors, wallpapers bring so much personality to a home. We’re personally huge fans of this coming trend!

Top Interior Design Trends 2022 - Beth Haley Design Werthan Lofts

Give us all the bright and bold wallpaper! (see complete project HERE)

Which of these design trends are you most excited about? Ready to get started on implementing these trends? The Beth Haley Design team is here to help!


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