From behind the stove and kitchen sink, to shower walls and bathroom floors, tile is a wonderful way to add personality to your home. At Beth Haley Design, we prefer to source tile from local brands, as we are blessed with many options made right here in Tennessee and across the South. That said, we’ve been known to search long and wide for the perfect tile to complete a space. Here are some of our favorite projects involving tile.

Installed correctly, which we always ensure happens, tile will last a lifetime and beyond. It’s sustainable and functional, which is part of what we strive for with every project!

Beautiful, Colorful Tile

– All photos are from projects by Beth Haley Design (BHD).

 Daboo Project

Oak Hill: New Build

One of our favorite things is seeing our client’s visions come to life. And, this one wowed with eye-catching tile which continues to make our hearts flutter. The sleek chevron tiles, in varying shades of blue, contrast against the white cabinetry adding the perfect pop of color! 

 Kaplan Project

Radnor Lake: New Build

The calming blue mosaic tile in this bathroom is matched with an abundance of natural light, instantly uplifting the space. When committing to colorful tile, choose a color you LOVE. That way, you’ll never grow tired of it! This shade of blue leaves us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, perfect for a place where you start and end every single day.

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Pepper Project

Pepper Project

This kitchen’s statement backsplash boasts a lovely range of green hues, making the room feel youthful and engaging. The color livens the space, ensuring that the kitchen stays the heart of the home.

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