Painting your living room a lively shade is a great way to make the space pop, but there are also easier routes to take. For a less labor-intensive path to adding color to your surroundings, look to your accent furniture and decor. Here are four simple ways to add color to this key spot in your home.

4 Simple Ways to Add Color to Your Living Room

– All photos are from projects by Beth Haley Design (BHD).

Choose Vibrant Accent Chairs

Rather than swapping out your sofa, upgrade your furniture with new accent chairs. Jewel tones are an elegant option, especially when paired with brass or dark wood, for a touch of warmth.

Beth Haley Design 9

Consider accent seating options in rich, colorful shades, such as eggplant, emerald green, or teal.

Layer Saturated Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the simplest ways to change a room’s overall feel, while also presenting an opportunity to play with texture and shape.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are an easy way to add color. You can even change them seasonally.

Add Artwork with Splashes of Color

Think of your walls as a blank canvas for artistic display. Choose smaller pieces, a larger frame, or a single, statement-making painting.

Interior Designer Nashville

Look for art pieces with shades that complement your overall palette.

Get Creative with Coffee Table Styling 

Use your coffee table as a place for bright and beautiful objects like sculptures, vases, or flowers. Create a vignette with objects of varying heights, which pleases the eye more than a flat arrangement.

Coffee Table

Stick to just a few items at a time for greater impact when styling your coffee table.

Time to tap the color spectrum and refresh your living room!


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